BOSTON (AP) — Gov. Deval Patrick is allowing the heads of state agencies to offer up to three percent wage hikes to 4,000 executive branch managers.

The increases could cost $9.9 million in the fiscal year that begins July 1.

Patrick’s budget chief Jay Gonzalez said the raises would be the first in three years. During that time, the managers have taken unpaid furloughs and seen their staffs cut as the state reduced its workforce.

Gonzalez said there was be no additional money added to the state budget for the raises. He said the agencies could approve the raises by finding money within their existing budgets.

He called the $9.9 million a modest cost which won’t hurt state services. He noted that union workers are also scheduled to receive a 3 percent raise.

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Comments (10)
  1. John Harris says:

    Why on earth does Massachusetts have 4,000 “Managers” in state government? You’ve got to be kidding me…

    1. roadbowler says:

      ever heard the saying ‘all chiefs and no indians’???

  2. Bill Loney says:

    So I’m glad to have contributed to this by keeping the sales tax rate at 6.25% and higher property taxes! Cadillac Deval – you are unbelievable…

  3. Deedee2011 says:

    Once again, outrageous- when so many are doing without!!!

  4. kas says:

    “He called the $9.9 million a modest cost which won’t hurt state services”

    If we have 9.9 million dollars, why are we in such financial trouble ?

  5. sull says:

    Do your homework, the executive branch includes 27 different state agencies including State Police and several other large organizations, of course there’s going to he lots of managers. And they’re getting a 3% raise after 4 years without one, which works out to .75% per year, which seems far from outrageous. There are much worse drains on our tax dollars than a small raise to a reasonably sized group of employees.

  6. sull says:

    Additionally, the raises are coming out of the pre-existing budgets for each department, so it isn’t costing the taxpayers a dime more than it would’ve cost to leave the employees at their current pay rate.

  7. sull says:

    I’m no sympathizer, some of the salaries government workers make are absurd, and some of the positions occupied by friends of politicians, etc., are more useless than the employees themselves, but of all the things in the government to get upset about, this probably isn’t one of them.

  8. Mark says:

    He’s doing it because he can and that’s the problem. There are many people I know that haven’t had a pay increase in 10 years. There are even some that have had pay reductions because of this economy. Managers – the government has 1 manager for every 5 people. Just watch the DPW crews and see who is doing the work amd who is standing around. It’s all so disheartening – the POLS don’t get it and never will.

  9. Fred says:

    I don’t begrudge anyone a raise if they deserve it and it is fair. It is also fair to give raises to the state’s lowest paid human service workers. Fairness seems to stop there.

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