Posted by Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

Before the Bruins-Lightning game, was there ever any other penalty free hockey game? – Christine, Somerville

The penalty boxes were crowded during last night’s Bruins game with the Canucks (with the Vancouver losing…losing…losing…badly…badly…badly).  In fact the 2 teams combined for 145 penalty minutes.  That’s the most in a Stanley Cup finals game since 1990.

But that was a far cry from how the B’s finished out the last series, with a penalty-free game against Tampa Bay. 

As for Christine’s question about other penalty free games….it’s pretty rare in the playoffs.  The last time it happened in the NHL was 20 years ago.  And the Bruins had never had a penalty-free playoff game before. 

As for the regular season, the last Bruins game without a penatly was back in March of 2001.

It’s 2 games to 1 now…game 4 tomorrow…anybody making any predictions?




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