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BOSTON (CBS) – Let me start by saying this. The Vancouver Canucks fans are indeed over-the-top about these Stanley Cup Finals.

It’s estimated that 100,000 fans jammed the streets to celebrate their Game 2 overtime win over the Bruins.

My photographer Bryan Foley sat in the fandom traffic for an hour trying to get out of the city. The crowd was under control for the most part though, as the fans were just happy with their team’s performance.

They acted like they had just won the Stanley Cup.


But, you know what?

They haven’t.

Perhaps it’s just the media doing its job, but you do get the sense that the Bruins are being hammered for being down two-games-to-none in a best-of-seven series.

And, I know entering this postseason the Bruins were 0-26 lifetime when faced with that situation.

Until this postseason.

Boston rallied from an 0-2 deficit in its first round series win against Montreal. And, they were faced with having to go on the road to do it.

So, to steal a phrase, “Yes, they can.”

The Vancouver Canucks were the best team in the NHL’s regular season. They have been outstanding in these playoffs. However, they aren’t a dynasty.

The Bruins lost two games within a 29-second period. They lost Game One 1-0 with 18 seconds to play. They lost Game Two 3-2 in OT, 11 seconds into the extra period.

That’s 29 seconds and a 4-2 deficit.

Don’t go blaming Claude Julien. He’s got the team in position to win these games.

Now certainly some players haven’t played their best hockey.

Zdeno Chara had a bad Game Two.

The offense has scored just two goals.

Tim Thomas would probably like to have the Game Two game-winner back.

But, that’s hockey. Time to move on.

The Bruins need to win tonight. Period.

Take it from there and see what happens. Worry about Game 4 Wednesday night.

This and I do mean THIS Boston Bruins hockey team has been a pleasure to watch all season long.

They have overcome every bit of adversity they have come across.

Time to do it one more time.

Don’t bet against them.

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  1. This is our Year! says:

    I barely recognize this city anymore. Normally in this situation this city would be writing off the Bruins down 2-0 in the Cup finals but for some reason everyone is still fully behind this team and is just excited as they were prior to last Wednesday. Keep the faith, Cowboy Up and We Must Protect This House! (courtesy of Kevin Millar and Ted Washington) LETS GO B’s!!

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