VANCOUVER (AP) — Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron wasn’t surprised how quickly the Stanley Cup finals turned nasty, but he was shocked to feel Canucks counterpart Alex Burrows chomp down on the tip of his finger.

Burrows denied it, but could still face discipline from the NHL after replays appeared to show him bite Bergeron’s finger during a melee at the end of the first period of Vancouver’s 1-0 victory in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals on Wednesday night.

“I don’t mind rough play and scrums at the end, as long as it’s just pushing and shoving and all that,” Bergeron said. “But biting? I mean come on.”

In a game with an unexpected amount of edge between teams that meet once a season, Burrows and Bergeron were in the middle of a big scrum behind the Boston net at the end of the first period. That’s when Bergeron says Burrows bit down as he reached over a linesman to put his glove in Burrows’ face.

“Oh yeah, he did. He cut me a little bit on my finger,” said Bergeron, whose right index finger was wrapped in a small bandage. “One of his teeth caught under my nail. We just disinfected it and I’m going to take some antibiotics just to make sure. Obviously, it’s not that bad but I don’t want to take any risks.”

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Bergeron, who played mostly against the Canucks’ top line, went straight to the referees after holding up his injured finger.

“They didn’t see it,” Bergeron said. “We were speaking French, me and (Burrows), and I told him, ‘Why did you do that?’

“That linesmen speaks French, and his explanation was he said that I put my finger in his mouth and he had to do it. I’ll leave it at that, but I’m sure the league is going to look at it.”

Burrows, who received a double minor for roughing — Bergeron only got one minor penalty for roughing — denied biting Bergeron.

“I don’t think so,” Burrows said. “He had his fingers in my mouth, but I don’t think I bit him. He put his hand up and put it in my face and his fingers in my mouth and that’s what happened.”

Asked if he expected to be suspended, Burrows glared and said, “next question.”

The Canucks also lost defenseman Dan Hamhuis with an apparent leg injury early in the second period. Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault said after the game Hamhuis is day-to-day, but didn’t give specifics of the injury.

Bergeron On Burrows: “Biting? Come On.”

Bruins Talk Burrows Bite

The NHL’s history on biting incidents includes former Canucks agitator Jarkko Ruutu, then with Ottawa, for two games for clamping down on Buffalo’s Andrew Peters in January 2009.

Bruins forward Marc Savard, who isn’t playing in this series because of a concussion, also got one game after biting Toronto forward Darcy Tucker in 2003, but Philadelphia’s Scott Hartnell escaped a suspension early last season because of lack of evidence on an alleged bite of Pittsburgh defenseman Kris Letang after both players fell to the ice in a scrum.

“If that’s the case, it’s a classless move,” Boston coach Claude Julien said. “Not something players should be doing at this level anyway.”

Burrows, once known as a yappy agitator, has refined his role on the top line with Daniel and Henrik Sedin, increasing his scoring and cutting down on his penalty minutes. He had seven goals and 14 points in the playoffs — fourth on the Canucks in scoring — and only six penalty minutes going into Game 1.

“We were battling, and obviously had a little exchange there,” Burrows said. “I’m not going to say too much about it. Obviously, I got four minutes on the play and we killed it off.”

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Mike Murphy, the NHL’s Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations, will handle any supplemental discipline because Colin Campbell, who before the game resigned his position as chief disciplinarian for next season, doesn’t deal with any Bruins games because his son, Gregory Campbell, plays for Boston.

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Should Alex Burrows get suspended for biting Patrice Bergeron? Tell us what you think.

Comments (22)
  1. Bobby Orr says:

    Your kidding, you people are really going to make a big deal about a little bite?!! Well what was Bergeron’s finger doing in Burrows mouth in the first place? Oh ya right Bergeron is studing to be a dentist for his post career job after hockey just like Dr. Recchi! Lmao Big Bad Bruins, maybe change it to Big Bad Babys lol. You people are a bunch of hypocrite’s, what’s Julien going to do now take a tape up to Daddy Campbell and ask for a 10 game suspension? Your team and your organiaztion is nothing but a joke!!!

    1. Dit Clapper says:

      Colin Campbell resigned his supplementary discipline responsibilities prior to the game. Plus, Mike Murphy handles all Bruins (formerly all Panthers) issues due to the conflict of interest. Bergeron was bleeding too… more than just a “little bite.” The games are on NBC in HD if you’d like to pay attention and actually watch.

      1. Bobby Orr says:

        Yes I was watching but you haven’t answered what was Bergeron doing putting his finger in Burrows mouth in the first place? That too is not in the scope of hockey as you suggest. Bergeron could have broken teeth or even separated Burrows jaw with a pull in the wrong way. So I guess two wrongs make a right? I have a HD TV as well and in the intermission I noticed the Dora Explorer band aid Bergeron had on his finger to cover the boo boo, get over it?

    2. Vancouver has Ugly Women says:
      He clearly reaches up and puts Berg’s finger in his mouth and chomps down. Biting is very clearly a suspendable offence.

      Colin Campbell stepped down before this game. They mentioned that multiple times before the game began. Pay attention.

    3. Don says:

      You sound like a habs fan!!! Where you crying when Chara hit PANSYORETTI!!!

  2. Vince says:

    YES! Burrows should face a suspension similar to anything else that occurs during a game that is “outside the scope of play.” I play hockey. When I play, I expect to be pushed around, punched, smacked, hooked, and shot at… It’s an accepted risk. When something like a bite occurs, it’s not only dangerous, but should be embarrassing as well. I’d be equally as embarrassed if a Bruin bit someone or took a dive. I started liking the Bruins specifically because they play rough and don’t play this kind of trashy game!

  3. Shamus says:

    Yes he should be suspended! And watch the replay he didn’t put his finger in his mouth his hand was in his face and he clearly opened his mouth and bit down and tried to cover it up with his hand so nobody could see. Just a classless act no matter who he plays for!

    1. Bobby Orr says:

      Yes I forgot the Bruins are the classiest organization in the league and always play by the book and do no wrong and have tea and crumpets everyday at 4:00 PM. You people are a joke you notice everyone else’s short comings but your own.

      1. Don says:

        It is all about karma. Look at cheap shot artist Matt Cooke. Then you look at what happened to Sid the kid. You look at Montreals stick work behind the play and then Panseyretti gets hit. Vancouver does not want to give Boston a reason to turn this into a goon fest which they showed Dallas earlier in the year they can do. You seen the 3 series they won to get here and there was none of that!!! How would Vancouver like it if every time one of there skilled players caused grief in front of Tomas the Bruins dropped the gloves and kicked there butts. Chara,Lucic, Horton,Mcquaid,Boychuck, and dress thorton for a couple games. Vancouver has no one in there lineup that can touch anyone of those guys!!!!

  4. Booby Orr says:

    Wow doesn’t take much to get you Boston fans all rilled up hahahahaha. Trying to cover up for some kind of deficiency lol. I’d love to play around all day with you people and wind up like toys and watch you go, but alass I have a life and refuse to get in to a battle of wits with unarmed Bruin fans. LOL

    1. blackbear1 says:

      How can anyone with even half a brain, make a statement like “What was his finger doing in his mouth”? You are just an agitator looking for trouble, simply because you are not a Bruins fan. Deep down you know that was a bite. Fighting is one thing. Biting crosses over the line. You are beyond fortunate that the blind NHL officials call on this is is your favor. Perhaps some day you will be taunted by a fool much like yourself. God Bless America, you are allowed to be as stupid as you wish.

      1. Bobby Orr says:

        OHHHH you really told me, and god bless a America you are right and your Constitution protects 386,000,000 fools who live in your country.

        P.S sticks and stones may brake my bones but the Bruins will never win the cup, and you know Bergeron is Canadian EH, just like 17 of your players are on your team and so is your coach and Cam Neely. Can’t kind find any Americans to beat the CANUCKS go Canada go ,just like in February, 2010 winter Olympics remember

  5. Bobby Orr says:

    This just in, new footage of the finger biting incident. Burrows gets away with biting. hahahahaha

    1. M says:

      Troll! Where’s your big mouth now that the Bruin’s have won the cup?
      Btw Bruin’s fans. this troll does not speak for Canada.
      Congrats Bruins.

  6. Pauline says:

    Burrows is being restrained by linesmen. Linesmen tells both players to cool it.
    Burrows while under restraint is being repeatedly jabbed in the face. A gloved finger may or may not have been jabbed into his mouth. Burrows should not be given a suspension. Bergeron should not be pummeling a player who is being restrained. The incident should not have been reported. Ludicrous, absolutely ludicrous

  7. anmb77 says:

    Burrows would not have had to bite Bergeron if he didn’t fish hook Burrows by shoving his hand in his mouth…seriously, if they had suspended Burrows they would have also had to suspend Bergeron for his actions which led to the bite…that is why nothing happened…and what would you do if someone shoved there fingers in your mouth…kiss them??? Bergeron needs to stop whining about a nip on a well padded gloved hand!

  8. hookxlkz says:

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