By Beth Germano

MARSHFIELD (CBS) – Two fathers saved several children from being swept out to sea at a Marshfield town beach on Monday.

The kids were playing on a sandbar at Rexhame Beach waist-deep in water when the tide started pulling them out. Within seconds, they were screaming for help.

“There started to be bigger and bigger waves, and then it started pulling us out more,” said Mitch Leming, one of the rescued swimmers.

The kids were getting pulled by a strong current, including one boy who was drifting out on his boogie board.

“I tried to touch the bottom but I couldn’t, and then I started to get scared and tried to swim,” said Lexy Boyington, one of the rescued swimmers.

The fathers were watching their children about 30 yards offshore before they realized that some of the young swimmers were in trouble.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports.

“I saw one of the kids waving to me, and as soon as I saw that I grabbed the boogie board and went out,” said Chorzewski.

But by then, two of the young swimmers had sprung into action, grabbing 8-year-old Lexy and 10-year-old Joey, who were in trouble.

Joey, Chorzewski’s son, later said he clung onto his 11-year-old friend Cody Boyington so tight that he ripped his shirt.

“It’s not fun watching them almost drowning,” said Cody. “I was afraid they were not going to make it.”

It was the season’s first beach excursion, and the first lesson learned of the ocean’s power.

“Things can happen quick, and I know now to be really careful,” said Chorzewski.

The children got into trouble when the tide was heading out. The undertow got stronger. They added that it was much calmer in the ocean when they went back to the beach on Tuesday.

Comments (4)
  1. giselle says:

    Questions: does the beach have a lifeguard? If not why are their parents allowing young children to swim in open water alone? It never ceases to amaze me how parents dont think anything can happen to their children and let the do what they want. They dont need to have their hands held but can you at least keep an eye on them and not rely on other people to save your children?

  2. A Father says:

    giselle – perhaps you should have read the article or watched the video before your post. The kids said they standing on a sand bar chest deep in water before the tide or current took them. Also it was their siblings and Fathers who were watching them and noticed them being taken into the ocean that rescued them from the tide as well. The article does not mention life guards which may be your only valid point.

    The bottom line is everyone is ok and that is most important.

    1. Lori says:

      Yes everyone was okay and that is GREAT considering what happened to that poor girl at Hampton Beach. HOWEVER, the article also says that the two fathers were watching their kids 30 yards offshore. That is NOT within reach or anywhere close to it. That is very dangerous for the kids to be out that far swimming (or on a sandbar where water can come back and cover it).

  3. giselle says:

    the way the article is worded it sounds as if they fathers were their watching their own children and saw other children in trouble to save them, not their own.

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