BOSTON (CBS) — What’s in a name? Well, if you are Boston Pizza in the Vancouver, Canada area during the Stanley Cup finals, then there is a lot in a name.

The Stanley Cup finals start Wednesday and one of the ways the area is getting ready is getting used to a name change.

To support the Canucks against the Boston Bruins the Canadian-based pizza chain is making a name change at some of its locations. It will be known there as Vancouver Pizza.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Ben Parker spoke to Boston Pizza’s Director of Regional Marketing Brad Bissonette who says for now it won’t be Boston Pizza.

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  1. BobJ says:

    If you are a Canadian based pizza chain why did you name it Boston Pizza in the first place?. Sounds like you support your country only when it is potentially profiitable for you. I bet this tactic will backfire on you in Vancouver and here in Boston as people now relize your company is a fraud. I will never buy any of your garbage pizza after this stunt!.

  2. Taxpayer says:

    Bissonette you are a marketing genius, eh. You’ll be called on the carpet this week and put in charge of the Yukon Pizza chain, in Moosehead, Sask. I am personally going to order a pizza a night from anyone but, Boston, er Vancoover pizza. In fact I will never buy a Boston or Vanchoover pizza, ever, ever, ever. You dumb canuck.

  3. Bob Leem says:

    After we win the cup, this place is the first to get trashed,, by roving ‘B” fans.
    What were they thinking? People won’t forget, this is outrageous.

  4. Stephen Gitmo says:

    A Canadien pizza chain named “Boston Pizza.” What a riot.

  5. Jaroca2 says:

    You guys seriously need to get a life…..”garbage pizza”….”trashing their business”…..”dumb canucks” ???????

    It’s business and a pizza…grow up already.

    You think some of the B’s aren’t from Canada? Where did the sport start? Who are the dummies, here????

    Whatever you do won’t mean a ratz azz anyway. Your’re nothing but sofa jerks and a waste of electrons


    A real Bruins fan of over 50 years.

  6. ckmom says:

    Call it whatever you want its still awful pizza!! I live near Boston and my husband’s family is in Canada so I have eaten this stuff.

  7. canuckland says:

    What a bunch of losers mailing from new england….who cares? ‘Nucks up 2-0…hoping to take the Cup…that’s all that matters….South Armagh Irish in the west of Canada!!!

  8. Ima guy says:

    Hey Bruins – TD Gardens sponsor is the Toronto Dominion Bank – a Cdn charter bank

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