BOSTON (CBS) – It’s the start of the Memorial Day Weekend, and Paul Monti and many others will place 56,000 flags at the National Cemetary in Bourne, MA. Originally broadcast May 28th, 2011.

  1. tsal says:

    Dan your commentary was moving. It’s sad that the flags are placed strategically for the sake of upkeep rather than placed as they should be. If you drive down Route 16 in Holliston you will see the names, ages, and country as well as the country’s flag on the telephone poles of those who have died in or current wars. I drive by on a regular basis and never fail to have tears. I love the parades but would far prefer to see monies and effort placed on the real meaning that have been found by the volunteers in Holliston, Paul Monti and others around our great country who remind us of those who have given the greatest sacrifice to make us the greatest nation on earth.

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