WASHINGTON (AP) – More than 2 million power tools for the yard are being recalled because of a potential fire or burn danger.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the recall involves gas-powered Stihl (steel) trimmers, brush cutters, KombiMotors, hedge trimmers, edgers, clearing saws, pole pruners and backpack blowers.

Check: Recall Information

In all, about 2.3 million of them are being recalled by Virginia-based Stihl Inc. because of problems with the fuel caps. The CPSC says the level of ethanol and other fuel additives in the product can distort the cap, potentially causing gas to spill.

No injuries have been reported, but Stihl has received 81 reports of difficulty with the caps, either installing or removing
them, as well as fuel spillage problems.

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Comments (2)
  1. Landscaper183 says:

    Stihl makes good chainsaws. Thats about it though. Echo makes the best trimmers.

  2. emom says:

    Is there nothing in this world that is not on a RECALL LIST. Baby carriages, strollers, Cribs, children’s toys, clothing, crayons, cars, Rakes, Foods, Tylenol, Motrin, aspirin, cough syrup, Hotdogs, spinach, tomatoes, grapes, eggs, Dog foods, cat foods, medical instruments, hip joints , medical supplies, antacids, every stores post a recall notice, actually there is usually at least 5 at the stores,. Just look at their bulletin boards or walls in the customer service area.. Even on the aisles there are notices. I even have seen recall notices at a restaurant … now that’s scary..
    At what point does this country take RECALLED products serious… I mean what will it take to GET NOTICED… an illness, a few hundred ill, near fatal illnesses, a few deaths,, a few hundred deaths a population being slowly wiped out because of a recalled item…… What will it take to TAKE THIS SERIOUS…… Its time this government starts DOING something about this or I fear there will law suits after law suits,,, maybe that will jump start them into truly looking into QUALITY CONTROLS, I do not believe the government it watching the quality control of what we eat, drink, use on a daily basis. How sad it is when this country REAL DOES NOT GIVE A DARN ABOUT ITS OWN PEOPLE,,,,,,,, BUT LOVES USING US AS TEST SUBJECTS, GUINEA PIGS, LAB RATS, AND HUMAN MONKEYS.. SURE just throw us a morsel and we try it out for you ,,,,,, then tell us oh that’s no good its dangerous,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hurt our children and you hurt our future,…….. GET YOUR ACTS TOGETHER AND DO SOME QUALITY CONTROL AND PROTECT THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY…..
    By the way how many more toys will we have recalled because of LEAD PAINT HHHHMMMMMM .

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