A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     I’m thinking I should get out more and maybe I’ll have a better understanding of why we take it on the chin (for lack of the exact body part) day-in and day-out. Yes everybody’s looking for a bargain nowadays and there are plenty of them out there, but beware of the bargain you choose or your “chin” is going to take another whoopin’.

     In the past five days, I have driven through twelve (12) states along the eastern coastline and without exception, my chin took one in every state in which I stopped.   First of all, gas prices.   The prices were different in every state, presumably because of tax differences, but with unanimity, I took one for the team in every state, compliments of the major oil companies.     It’s a rip…..they know it, we know it, but we take it until the constant pressure  has us believing four-dollars a gallon isn’t so bad after all.

     But the part that has me fired up this time is hotel prices.   Specifically Hampton Inn’s.   I stayed  in three of them in the past five days…..the highest price was $129 a night, the lowest price and neatest-cleanest of them all was $95.00 in Danbury, Conn.      My last stop was going to be the Hampton in Greenfield, MA where I’ve stayed often…..but didn’t this time…..”thank  you Gouging in America.”   They wanted $290 for one night.   $290 for me to put my head down for 8-hours and I’m told it’s because it was a busy weekend and the price varies.     Varies!   Varies?   I might have paid $140 a night there in the past, but $290?   $290?    Then again, that is the night the world was supposed to come to an end….maybe that’s why…but even so…..$290?  My chin hurts.

     Oil companies do it…Airlines do it…Car Rental agencies do it…Hotels do it and Birds and Bees do it…and trust me, only the birds and the bees are doin’ it right!    The rest of us are gettin’ hosed!!!

  1. Groveman says:

    You are right, Gary.

    The only way we can protest is by reducing the use of gasoline and not staying at hotels/motels/inns. The executives at oil companies laugh at us. It is despicable. Maybe what we need is one or more brilliant individuals to perfect a renewable fuel source and market it properly. I would rather see these individuals earn the money than the big oil executives.

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