BRIDGEWATER (CBS) – A Bridgewater man accused of breaking into a church with his 11-year-old son to steal food was ordered held without bail Monday.

WBZ-TV’s Sera Congi reports

Police say a witness called them after seeing 52-year-old Michael Varano and his son going through the kitchen cabinets at the St. Thomas Aquinas parish center Friday night.

Varano and his son were arrested and charged with breaking and entering.  Varano is also charged with contributing to the delinquency of a child.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports.

He was arraigned in Brockton District Court Monday and ordered held without bail because he was on probation and already has 18 open cases against him.

Varano was charged last month with breaking into several homes while the residents were away at funerals.

Investigators say he brought his four-year-old daughter on that crime spree.

Comments (16)
  1. emom says:

    OK question,, where is the MOTHER in all this,,, whats her take on this,, How did she protect her kids from this kind of bad parenting.. And if there was no other parent, and after he was arrested from the last set of robberies, then why didnt the state take his kids into custody …..He should be stripped of being a parent,,, a 4 year old,,,, and now an 11 year old… This guy has a real issue,.,,

    1. roadbowler says:

      She was at home sitting on her fat arse eating what the criminals brought home…Picture Jabba the Hut….

  2. NickW says:

    Really you are blaming the mother?? The father was right there!

    1. emom says:

      Nickw, NO I am not blaming the mother,, But after the last 16 home invasiosn, WHERE WAS SHE in this… Cant place blame unless she knew,, BUT she knew of the others possibly… However we dont know any more than this the father and kids were invovled in all this so , wondering where the other parent is in this… I can understand Once but 16 times with your child and now a church with your 11 year old son. Clearly these children are not being raised in a good enviroment .

      1. NickW says:

        Well that is true. Maybe the mother is a victim herself. The father is a real tool and can be absusive.

      2. emom says:

        Nickw, if this guy is a tool , abusive, how then can she after all this allow her children and herself to stay any longer with him.. Love is so blind when this stuff happens, I never could understand that brand of love,, FOOLISH LOVE if you ask me.. But either way he needs to go away for awhile, and those children need counciling especially the 11 year old,, otherwise he will be back in court for other crimes…So sad

  3. NickW says:

    I think it’s sad that this has happened and i hope the mother takes her baby away from his dad!

  4. eddwal50 says:

    well nick that won’t happen they are happily married

  5. jaygee says:

    The real problem here is that this clown should be in jail for the last 16 B.&E.’s he committed and not prowling the streets with adoring children by his side. When you see a fat clown like this breaking into other peoples homes who work for a living and now a church, only one thing comes to my mind. A large baseball bat being directly applied to both of his knees so he would not be able to do such things for a very long time.

  6. emom says:

    I wonder, How many parents would put up with this kind of behavior from a CHILD under 17, You wouldn’t.. But how many spouses would put up with 16 prior arrests for breaking and entering and now a church, And with you 4 year old child and now 11 year old child, Who also got arrested. I don’t think many would let it pass after say the 2nd or 3rd time, You have to be pretty tolerant to reach 16 arrests. So at what point does blame show up on this in regards to the children.. Maybe that’s a better question to ask.. I know I would not have let it get this far. I have my limits.

  7. Jeannie says:

    Are you all nuts???!! The guy is stealing FOOD!!!!!! Really, what happened to the church helping this type of thing? What happened to helping this kind of situation? Geesh, feed the family or help them… not arrest him for being poor and hungry!

    1. Cinque says:

      Jeannie, if anyone is nuts just look in the mirror. He was recently caught breaking into 16 different homes while people were at work or at funerals and he had his daughter with him while doing these criminal acts. What if he broke down your door and took everything you worked for? Would you but him a Happy Meal, moron?

  8. rocky79 says:

    Wake up people! This is the same bozo that was caught weeks ago DOING THE SAME THING. When are the authorities going to do the right thing and get this piece of garbage off the street????? I feel bad for the boy—–he doesn’t deserve this and to be with that no-brain and poor excuse for a “parent”.

  9. Jay says:

    Vince, you should go to the church and ask them for food. They will either give you some or tell you where to go to get some. Go back now and you will be surprised at how they will help you. Bring your kids. They won’t refuse hungry children.

  10. lisa says:

    This is the same guy that threw rocks and shot bb’s at our dog when he was younger, we moved mainly because of him. Had to put the dog down after she
    bit my baby brother because this guy tormented her for years.

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