By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

101 Plenty of Dry in The Weekend...Warmer Pattern Ahead.

Our pesky low wich brought a week in the clouds with periodic rain is pulling far enough away today that temperatures are finally able to warm up. Morning clouds and fog are breaking for partial sunshine and an overall pleasant Saturday. Temps are warming inland into the Lwr to Mid 70’s, while eastern areas, especially at the coast will hold in the 60’s.

A  front is pushing south in the form of a back door cold front which will introduce a much cooler day Sunday. This front will likely trigger r a few scattered showers and T’storms as it runs into the heating of the day. The best chance of showers will be inland, with drier cooler more stable conditions at the coast.

3 Plenty of Dry in The Weekend...Warmer Pattern Ahead.

The front will push off the south coast tonight with a cooler maritime airmass settling in overnight.  Inland showers will quickly diminish. Plenty of clouds with pockets of drizzle are likely tonight at the coast as temps fall close to their dewpoints.

With the front south of New England, Weak high pressure over Nova Scotia will supply cool air in off the water and help to lock in plenty of cloud cover across New England Sunday. Sunny breaks will be more likely in the afternoon. Temps will be quite chilly at the coast in the 50-55 range, with temps and bit warmer inland in the Lwr 60’s under considerable cloudiness….but dry!

45 Plenty of Dry in The Weekend...Warmer Pattern Ahead.

Winds will be shifting back to the SW Monday as a warm front begins to push through. The best chance of showers with this front will occur Late Sunday night and early Monday AM. The warm front will struggle to push across the MA boarder…so again, abundant cloud cover , breaks of sun and milder temps on the warmer side of the front in southern new England. Showers will diminish fairly quickly in the morning.

54 Plenty of Dry in The Weekend...Warmer Pattern Ahead.

We will warm significantly ahead of a cold front which will cross through Tuesday mainly dry. Clouds and sun with temps in the Upper 70’s and approaching the 80-85 range in any substantial sun and a SW wind. It looks like a typical summery day…with the  chance of an isolated PM T’storm.

64 Plenty of Dry in The Weekend...Warmer Pattern Ahead.

Now what happens to the cold front after Tuesday get a bit more tricky. SW flow will continue aloft with upper level ridging along the east coast.  The warm subtropical jet will supply the warmth into the pattern, but the polar jet will be supplying just enough cool to keep pulses of energy riding along a stalled front which will be extending from New England into Texas separating the cool from the northern Plains for the building warmth of the East.

Where the placement of this stalled front eventually ends up is still very much in question and will determine where the showers occur and how cold or warm we will become.

23 Plenty of Dry in The Weekend...Warmer Pattern Ahead.

Periodic showers and T’storms will develop along this front during the midweek and work their way towards New England.

72 Plenty of Dry in The Weekend...Warmer Pattern Ahead.

Upper level ridge just off the east coast may help to steer some of this rain west of us slowing down the eastward progression, helping to provide drier conditions with cooler onshore winds for the coast…with the heaviest rain staying west for a good chunk of next weekend, The over all look is for a mild Memorial day, but there will be rain west of us which could easily sneak in here if the ridge does not hold up its end of the bargain. Low confidence in the long range since the placement of the rain, front and temps are up in the air right now.

81 Plenty of Dry in The Weekend...Warmer Pattern Ahead.

15 Plenty of Dry in The Weekend...Warmer Pattern Ahead.

Comments (16)
  1. JimmyJames says:

    Great blog as always Joe and anything will be an improvement over this past week.
    Thunderstorm Index at 1 which is MINOR since if any thunderstorm activity develops today will remain below severe levels. I’ll hold off on giving impacts for next week right now.

  2. Italo says:

    I hate those darn backdoor coldfronts! ;) How much cooler can it be than it already has been going, I keep thinking to myself, regarding tomorrow’s dreary-sounding temps forecast. Too bad it won’t warm up finally until, Boston-weather-typically, the main work week starts. But it certainly will make everybody’s mood and outlook a little bit brighter–great to hear about upcoming week’s improvement in the warmth department!

  3. David White says:

    Thanks Joe, for this upbeat blog. Accu is less upbeat after five days as it, or the GFS seems to want to have an occulded front over us right through June 4, with its attendent passing shortwave/showers. Of course we know the track record of the fifteen day outlook. Ideallly the front may push far enough south, so that we may be in an extended fair weather pattern of seasonal temps and comfortable humidity. Meanwhile we celebrate the sun and comfortable temps we are getting right now!

  4. southshoretom says:

    thanks for a great update Joe !! Blue sky and sun appearing south of Boston and a line of showers to follow in northern New England.

  5. David White says:

    With their new (May 19th) thirty day/long lead outlooks, NWS appears to have backed off on their previous outlook of cool and wet conditions for New England during June, July, and August. Now it is equal chances for both temps and precipts for us during that time frame. We shall see..

  6. Matt says:


  7. Hadi says:

    Thanks Joe! Great job as always!

  8. coach23 says:

    Fabulous day today!

  9. Quizplz says:

    The seven day period from this past Saturday to Friday was the 3rd worst 7 day stretch of weather during meteorological Spring (Mar 1 to May 31) in the past ten years. Source NWS-Gray.

  10. where is spring says:

    Was in Istanbul and Frankfort last week, fantastic weather, as we were landing in Boston, the Lufthansa pilot was giving the weather, and I quote with his German accent “ze weather is clousy and rainy as it has been in the last couple of weeks, sorry about that”. Man, how low we have gotten that even Germans with their usually mostly cloudy weather are making fun of here.

  11. Matt Souza says:

    nice days today with many areas reaching inot the 70s. tonight a isolated shower or storm . tomorrow will be a little cooler than today but it will be partly sunny and not wet. monday to wednesday it will be partly to mostly cloudy with temps going up into the mid 80s by wednesday. with humidity building as well. late week looks really unstable and the cold front will bring the chances of showers and storms thursday through friday . memorial day weekend looks nice but with partly sunny skies and the cold front to our west . i will not rule out a storm or shower . long range tuesday of next week will be cloudy with that cold front moving east and giveing us the chance of showers and storms tuesday and wednesday . with it clearing up also temps will be in the 70s and low 80s for the holiday weekend.

    1. jr says:

      So are you hopeful of a decent Memoria, Day weekend? I am contemplating a trip to AZ to escap the NE blahs and heard Memorial Day was looking kinda bad.

      1. Matt Souza says:

        i see partly sunny skies with temps in the mid and upper 70s. The models are starting to look more cool than i once though it would be

  12. Paul52 says:

    Sunshine and warmth here in Pepperell at long last! The temperature here this afternoon reached a delightful 75.0 with clouds, sunshine and haze. I was able to sit outside and read my book wearing shorts and sandals; a nice benefit of living well inland! Anyway, the rainfall total here since late last Saturday was 3.11 inches. Good work Joe; and hopefully next weekend will work out…

  13. Matt Souza says:

    for the rest of this weekend . dense faog will over spread the eastern areas of mass ,southern nh and southeastern maine.
    fog will burn out by noon sunday and we will have a nice day but a little on the cool side. in the mid 50s and low 60s monday will be the same temperature rise.
    a warm front will come in and will give the chance of showers and storms monday night.with tuesday being in the upper 70s and low 80s . the humidity will also have build up.
    wednesday will decide if we have a good end of the work week.
    If the cold front stays to our west we will experience another warm day with even higher temps than tuesday with the chance of showers during the evening. and it will be out of here by morning .. but if the cold front comes on through during the morning it will get stuck over the atlantic coast and will keep unstable air to our area with cooler temps than i once though. thursday will not see anything in the way of rain but we will have more clouds than sun , if the cold front decides to come through on wednesday it will restart a blocking pattern. and will create cooler themps with partly sunny skies and the chance of showers greater. right now i think a mixture i am still saying it will not be as bad as last week but we will have more sun at the beginning of the week and warmer temps middle of the week but will be cooler and more cloudy towards the end of the week. ]the determining factor will be the first cold front if we have a warm and more sun then clouds or cooler with more clouds than sun. each senario equall summer time like cold fronts coming on through one just does not have one stall. summer cold fronts do a more hit and run kind of thing spring cold fronts hits and stay a while to do damage to our spring.

  14. Matt says:

    spell check…..

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