By Bob Weiss, CBS Boston travel contributor

BOSTON (CBS) – When The Chicago Cubs come to town to play the Red Sox this weekend, a thousand fans will be making the trip to Boston.

It may rank as the biggest fan invasion ever at Fenway Park and the first game between the two teams since the World Series of 1918.

The world of sport’s travel was a lot different then. Overnight train was the method of transportation with longer trips and fewer sports writers covering the team. Newspaper writers covered away games back then and no one had ever heard of television or the internet.

This weekend, 263 Chicago fans bought into the VIP Boston package that included two nights at a hotel, good seats to two games and a reception with former Red Sox and Cubs players. The Colonnade Hotel and Marriott Copley Place Hotel will host the visitors in the Back Bay. The Red Sox package sold for $899 per person.

Air Travel is not included in the package. JetBlue, the official airline of the Red Sox, is expected to handle the majority of the fans.

Another 200 Cubs season ticket holders made their own reservations and many more Chicago fans are driving to Boston to attend the weekend games. With local Cubs fans living in Boston, there will be loud cheers for the visiting team.

The Red Sox are expanding their own outbound travel packages this year. Two new teams and cities are being added for the first time.

In late June, travel to Pittsburgh will be offered when the team plays there and Minnesota games will be offered in August. Trips to Toronto will take place from June 10-12.

“This is the highest demand for any trip that we have managed for fans coming to Boston,” said Tim Zue, Director of Development for the Red Sox.

The biggest travel event in Boston has been the four Super Bowl appearances of the Patriots. If you want to fly down to Tampa and see the Bruins play this weekend, seats start at $120 apiece through Ace Ticket.

Bob Weiss’ “All Things Travel” reports can be heard weekends on WBZ.

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  1. James Shaw says:

    1,000 fans? Try 15,000.

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