LAWRENCE (CBS) — The mayor of Lawrence has a new problem. He’s been hit with a ticket.

William Lantigua admitted last week he moved in with his girlfriend, who was receiving federal heating assistance. He says she will pay the money back.

The Eagle Tribune reports Lantigua has been hit with a $35 fine for failing to report a change of address.

Comments (3)
  1. emom says:

    Oh gee $35 WHOOP – D – DO … REALLY… THATS ALLL… he has been skimming from the town since he moved in with his girlfriend and getting heating assistance…. Yeah and he said he had know idea…… SURE AND i AM RELATED TO THE QUEEN. He knew and finally got caught….. I wonder what else he will be caught with……

  2. wmca_goodguys says:

    Lantigua, a despicable politician. The state needs to do a complete investigation of what’s going on in Lawrence and get him out of office.

  3. blackbear1 says:

    What’s next for this guy?? This is like a TV show, and he still remains in office. After a day of pushing every concievable envelope at the citizens of Lawrence, after challenging evry type of standard or code of conduct, he must go home (wherever that may be), and laugh out loud. This must be a game for the mayor. I could not invent a character like this. Are the people who voted for him enjoying this “Show”?

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