RAYNHAM (CBS) – Raynham police are searching for a man who allegedly carjacked and raped a woman last week.

The victim told police a man forced his way into her car at a gas station on Route 44, drove her to a nearby location, assaulted her, and then ran away.

He’s described as a white in his late 30’s or early 40’s, about 5–foot-7 with a thin build, dark brown hair and a goatee.

He was wearing tan khakis and a plaid shirt on the night of the attack.

Comments (4)
  1. mark says:

    Probably a paroled sex offender released by some liberal judge.It’s time for this state to get serious.I tell the judges who let these animals out…”If it was my daughter,wife,sister or niece; I would take matters into my own hands including filing suit and putting a lien on all property owned by the criminal,the judge,and the parole board. If that doesn’t get their attention maybe a dope-slap upside their thick skulls might be in order.” Politicians: smarten the F— up!! If you don’t vote to keep these degenerate P.O.S. incarcerated then consider yourselves just as guilty as them.God help you all if it is ever someone I love.

    1. p2boston says:

      Your lawsuit, and your slap, might work. But why not just neuter such sex-offenders? That might get their attention.

  2. zagwee says:

    Dude sounds like a real monster, one we need OFF the streets!


  3. Linda says:

    Its not the appendures its the mind that isn’t working right, give them all Libodamies. There isn’t any rehabilitation for sex-offenders.

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