Want Some “Alledged” News? HMU!!!!

A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Woke up the usual time today,  and as I do every morning, (before seeing the morning newspaper) tuned in for the latest national headlines from the TV networks……and OMG!    On rare occasions, I’ll actually hearing something that is NEWS, with the execution of Osama bin Laden one of the most recent examples.   Great story, definitely NEWS and something for all of us to cheer about.   Yes I know there are some out who don’t like that we….the U.S.,  put two bullets into UBL’s hat while he was unarmed, but the three thousand plus who died on nine-eleven weren’t armed either and UBL was cheering that one…..so……”good for us.”

     Now…..back to the NEWS…….today’s NEWS.    The two highlighted stories on the major networks morning show were #1…the guido’s from the Jersey Shore reality TV show had landed in Florence, Italy and #2, James Tate, a Connecticut high school senior will be able to go his senior prom after all.    I can separate these non-NEWS stories only one way; The Jersey Shore cast, starting with #1 knucklehead “The Situation” are quite simply a band of uncouth (but apparently cool) young people with a combined IQ of perhaps 26…..maybe 27.    End of story for me.    But the networks actually had cameras and reporters in Italy following them around, including talking to the Mayor of Florence for his opinion.    He didn’t like ’em either.

     And then there’s James Tate.    This kid decided to ask fellow senior, Sonali Rordigues to the senior prom by posting his invitation on the side of the school building in Shelton, Connecticut.    For that, his up-tight High School Headmistress got her undies all in a knot,  suspended James and banned him from the prom.    Pretty stupid eh?   Agreed!     But “thank you” Facebook, James is going to the prom after all.   National and then worldwide response to this non-NEWS story and a unanimous voice of support from about 196,000 Facebook followers, Headmistress Beth Smith relaxed the knotted bloomers, changed her mind and said “Jamess and Sonali may attend the prom in June.”      Sweet…..ain’t it?

     The lesson learned here is this:  there are at least 200,000…..ok nearly two hundred thousand people on Facebook who need to get a life. If you disagree, would love to hear from you.   HMU????


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