By Jon Keller

ANDOVER (CBS) – Founded 91 year ago to educate voters and promote civic activism, The League of Women Voters is branching out with a political tactic that’s stirring controversy — emotional attack ads.

But there’s dissent within the league’s own ranks over an ad criticizing Senator Scott Brown.

WBZ-TV Political Editor Jon Keller is at Large

The ad claims that a recent Senator Brown vote against giving the EPA more power to rewrite clean air standards was a vote for polluters over children’s health.

The controversy has the head of the Andover/North Andover League chapter handing in her resignation that read in part, “I do not agree with the direction in which the national and state Leagues seem to be headed… [Recent actions have] muted the effectiveness of the League as a non-partisan voter service provider.”

The head of the Massachusetts League claims they’re still bi-partisan and that they are targeting a particular issue.

The national head of the League supports that in a statement saying, “We are political but non-partisan.”

Comments (14)
  1. dennis says:

    So they empower women by taking sides…sounds partisan to me

  2. Duke LaCroix says:

    The League of Women voters is officially a joke.

    This woman that quit as head of the Andover League of Women Voter’s should be awarded the JFK Profiles in Courage Award.

  3. PaulGee says:

    The League of Women voters is as bi-partisan as The Democratic National Committee and Unions along with the state of Massachusetts

  4. herbert wilson says:

    Here we go again..nobody is looking at the substance of this. The EPA (Environmentral Protection Agency) is responsible for protecting our air and water from those who would pollute it to save a buck. The bill that this guy (Scotty) voted for would strip the EPA of some of its ability to do just that. It was put forth by mitch mcconnell, scotty’s boss, and he went right with it.
    So we are all yelling at the LWV about telling us this news. Unmentioned in most write ups attacking this “unfair” terrible thing that is being done to our estemed senator is the fact that the LWV is doing exactly the same thing to a democrat, Clair McCaskill in her home state.
    Where is the senator and an explanation for this vote? Apparently hiding in a cave in Afganistann untill it blows over . Just another pretty face who does what he is told and has spent mosty of his time since being elected, promoting his book sales and being a good follower.
    Thank you LWV, you are doing just what you should be doing. Informing the public about the actions of its “representatives.!.

    1. ShortbeachUSMC says:

      The bigger question that needs to be asked is why aren’t the LWV targeting the Democrats that also voted in the same manner? This appears at face value to be more of a partisan position rather to replace Brown with another Dem.

  5. FireGuyFrank says:

    Vote against blaoted school budgets that increase well beyond 2 1/2%; you hat children.
    Vote against over regulation; you hate children.
    Vote against tax increases; you hate children.

    See the pattern? Stop the madness.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Just more self interested people and another self interested group run by a political party to promote their own politics and hiding inside an organization that should have a no party politics agenda

  7. Ed Beucler says:

    Good riddance. The spot is disgraceful and a distortion. We need honest debate.

  8. ENUFF says:

    Regardless of the message, the ads are repeated so often they alienate their intended audience. Just like Bernie & Phil commercials.

  9. graywolf says:

    I was a member of the League of Women voters in my younger days. Back then it was very “right”. They did a lot of good work as far as introducing voters to the candidates, getting voters to the polls, etc. I do not like the ad. I applaud the woman for stepping down. The ad could have been done with more finesse. A good deal of what Herbert Wilson says is absolutely correct. Where is Brown and his reason for voting to allow pollution – even on a lesser level. As far as anyone who says the league is only in support of Democrats, they sound like little children fighting over who got the biggest piece of the candy bar. It’s getting very old.

  10. taxedout says:

    I know for a fact that they would have given Equal Mud slinging time to John Kerry if he ever did something!!!!

  11. Anne says:

    It’s my considered opinion that the Tea Party could very well be funding these ads- they certainly don’t want Scott Brown in office- he’s not “Conservative” enough for them.

  12. KathyD says:

    I’d love to know where they’re getting the dough to run the ads. The LWV in my town is almost bankrupt from lack of membership.

  13. DorothyMA says:

    I respect the Andover League’s point of view, but not all League boards feel the same way. I am a member and I am grateful to the national LWV for holding Scott Brown accountable for his bad vote. This is serious stuff and our local media has ignored covering it substantively. Just compare how much ink has been spilled on the LWV hullaballoo versus the actual vote and its consequences.

    Brown’s efforts to make this into a fundraising opportunity is really distasteful to me, too.

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