BOSTON (AP) – Gov. Deval Patrick is proposing tougher gun laws to help curb youth violence.

Patrick said Monday his bill would tighten existing gun laws by giving police new criminal sanctions and investigative tools to go after guns and gangs.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports.

The bill would also create three new gun-related crimes — assault and battery with a firearm, assault with a firearm, and a “felon in possession” law that matches existing federal law.

Patrick said he would also ask for $10 million in public and private funding to fill in gaps in programs and resources needed to make neighborhoods safer, including guaranteeing that young men coming out of jail have the resources needed to stay out of trouble.

Patrick made the announcement at a community center in Boston.

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  1. emom says:

    stop giving the guns to them… I mean they would not have guns if they didnt have them illegally,, OH but wait,,, they are sold on the street in back allies, in pawn shops. with the right amount of cash I bet they can buy anything.. sad to think, in todays society that people resort to a higher violance by using a gun.. the method of gettiong a gun is not long enough, there is not enough back ground checks or othter kinds of checks.. Its been a long time for me to have a gun, I choice to no longer handle them.. BUT a licence is needed and a background check as well, maybe there should be more.. not sure what But getting them off the street will be harder to do./…….maybe stiffer laws for someone USING them to hurt or kill,, maybe that will help,,,

  2. Steve says:

    BTW, @ emom. Your last sentence I completely agree with. Stiffer penelties for people who use a gun to commit a crime, and even stiffer if it was an illegally obtained gun.

  3. Steve says:

    Don’t know why my posts won’t go through. Stiffer gun laws are not the answer. Most crimes that occur with a gun involve illegally obtained guns. The only people stiffer guns laws will affect are the people who legally obtain and keep a firearm.

  4. sean says:

    emom–stiffer laws for those who committ a crime with them deifnitely, but a longer process to get them won’t help because the guns are obtained illegally. These gang members aren’t going to the local gun or pawn shop buying these weapons just like they aren’t going to the local pharmacy to get their drugs,

  5. big bad alan says:

    why is the madatory one year in jail for illegal possession so rarely enforced – enforce the laws instead of plea bargaining them down – And a side comment, people with no hope for the future because of lack of paying jobs or even worse lack of skills needed for the current job market will resort to other ways to support themselves with drug related violence topping the list. Fix the social ills and violence will go down. Lack of enforcement of existing gun laws only allows perps and rookie perps to avoid the jail time they deserve.

  6. Steve says:

    @ Sean, thanks, glad someone else can see this…

  7. kasser says:

    A firearm was legal at some point, we need to find out where it becomes illegal

    Let me start off by saying that I fully support the right to bear arms by legally fit individuals with a need or interest of doing it.


    Make it a criminal liability to own a gun. Any gun.

    If you decide to own a gun and keep it at your house, you are fully and solely responsible for said gun. Should it be stolen, lost or otherwise, you as the gun owner should face the same criminal charges as the individual that use it to cause harm.

    If that is too much of a responsibility to carry. owning a firearm should be something one needs to reconsider.

    Same rule should apply to gunsmiths, gun dealers etc.

    If people are held responsible if they loose this firearm, regardless of how it is lost, less guns would be in circulation as no one wants to face life for a murder you didn’t commit and all so you could claim your constitutional rights to have one.

    Just my two cents and again, I am not anti-gun but quite the contrary.

    1. blackbear1 says:

      Should your legally purchased firearm be stolen, the owner needs to report said theft immediately to the Police who in turn enter it into the NCIC system. This entry should absolve the owner of any inciident that may occur after the theft with this weapon. Report the theft IMMEDIATELY!! Properly licensed, responsible gunowners are forever being punished or overregulated due to the irresposible or criminal actions of others. In Massachusetts the laws and regulations have laws and regulations.

      1. kasser says:

        I understand that and that system is not working.

        Say I have a gun legally, you want one. I give you mine, report it stolen
        and now I am free and clear ?

        You see the problem

        Reporting a firestolen should not keep the orignal gun owner free and clear.
        They should face the same criminal charges and the individual who uses it
        to commit illegal acts

        I understand that holding the individual who has the gun legally, criminally
        liable could be consider yet another invasion on their constitutional right.
        That being said though, I think it is the only thing that would help curb the
        spreading of guns onto the illegal market. Especially if a phone call to the Police reporting it “stolen” is how it is done today

        Yes it is an added responsibility on the gun owner, but if you are not ready to
        take on that responsibility, maybe you shouldn’t have the gun in the first place.

    2. Ed Dracut says:

      So if someone steals your car and kills someone you are respossable??? More people are killed each day with automobiles that firearms. More regulation those who under the 2nd admendment decide to own a firearm have to go through a background check is not the answer. My LTC took 5 weeks to obtain a background check. I am a responsable citizen. I have had a LTC for over 20 years. I also have a secret security clearence which a greater background check is done. Now you want to put more restrictions on people like me. The problem is the criminal.

      1. kasser says:

        We are talking about Firearms here I believe.

        A vehicle is designed to drive and get you from point A to point B.
        A gun is designed to kill.

        You are comparing apples to oranges

        That’s like suing bat manufacturers cause someone kills someone with one.

        There is a difference in what an object was designed to do vs what an object can be used for

        I have no doubt that you are responsible citizen. No reason to think otherwise.
        Surely, with your LTC you wouldn’t leave your gun in said car right ?

        There are people out there, with LTC, who will leave their firearm in a car,
        in a purse or unlocked at the house. All that will ever happen to them, is “report it stolen and you are free and clear”

        You don’t see anything wrong with this picture ?

        What I am talking about is adding more responsibility on gun owners, so legally obtained tools for killing aren’t easily available to crooks through, theft, bogus theft and loss.

        You of all people should know just how important it is to safeguard a firearm.
        I am not worried about you as much as I am say of my ex-wife, who has a gun and why ? – because she can. This is an individual who several times during a day lost things (keys, phone, purse and even – yes a whole car)

        Those are the ones I am aiming at getting to. Not neccesarily you and you know they are out there and in vast numbers

        And finally yes, the criminal who is doing te crime is the biggest problem. Those we deal with. Longer and stricter penalties doesn’t work. The Death Penalty is a great example of that. But the ones making it easy for the crooks are just as bad. Stupidity is not an excuse for the law but lately, stupidity has become a midigating factor for the law

  8. eddwal50 says:

    the state already has a minimuim sentence for illegal gun possession why isnt it enforced any new law will not do any good the charges will be bagained down to a lower charge if they made it mandatory life sentence for illegal gun possession it would be bargained down to where the crimials would be given a suspended sentance

  9. Ajay says:

    What good will stiffer laws do in a state where the judge tells the defendant “Now this is your forty-fifth and FINAL warning…”

    Try enforcing the laws already in place by actually serving jail time, not just a slap on the wrist or a warning.

  10. Coachjim says:

    I agree w/ Steve. Stricter guns laws only affect those following the laws. I have no problem with harsher punishments for those usingfirearms to commit crimes. I have no problem with even harsher punishment for those using illegally obtained guns. But, why the need to punish those of use that keep arms legally, and use them in accordance with the laws.

    1. kasser says:

      Because if you have one legally and I offer you 3000 bucks for it, all you have to do is report it stolen and you are clear

      Now there is yet another illegal gun out there.

      I am pro gun and pro the constitutional right to bear one. I am also pro enforcing that owning a gun comes with some severe restrictions and responsibilities.

  11. Rick K says:

    It is already illegal for a person to have a gun illegally (right?). What the heck is he trying to do here?

  12. Mark says:

    Death penalty – if you commit a crime with a weapon – gun, knife, baseball bat, etc. and the result is the death or maiming of another individual you get the death penalty within 1 year of sentencing, no plea bargains, no probation.

    1. kasser says:

      I am all for the death penalty but believing it is going to solve the issue, is not

      The states with the Death Penalty are too states with the questionable honor
      of being on top of the list in homicides.

      The death penalty is a punishment geared as justice for the victims families, not a deterent for the crime being comitted in the first place. Unfortunately

  13. emom says:

    @ Steve & Sean,, having stiffer penalties on the current Gun Laws is a must, However as you say it would not affect the criminal that obtains the weapons illegally, this is true. BUT many crimes involving a weapon like a gun that is by a legal gun. Husbands that have them legally with a license , wife’s that have them or anyone that may have a legal weapon in their home… We see domestic violence that results with a death of someone in the house by the same weapon that was obtained legally.. Going and Appling for a weapons license for personal use needs to be looked at more and more.. A person of a rape or sexual assault, a child hurt by a molester, someone in that family goes and obtains a weapon legally… I have to wonder if these folks, even those of domestic abuse should not be able to get a license for a weapon. I know this sounds wrong But the mental state of some should be taken into consideration when a weapon is purchased, However if they are denied a weapon they will try and get one illegally.. And then with a much stiffer law on having a weapon especially illegally then some folks just might think twice before getting one.. Gangs have no moral code, they only want to mark their territory , and rid them the enemy. Gangs are becoming a huge problem. We need to make the law stiffer to start with and lengthen the time to obtain a weapon, and take into consideration the mental status of each person. Also when a person purchases a weapon can we have lessons in how to maintain a weapon, handle one and be sure that it is locked safely so as NO MORE CHILDREN GET HURT OR KILLED……… this has been a growing issue , especially in the summer months when kids are home….. Lessons on the how to handle and care and store a weapon..

  14. taxedout says:

    You mean like the 1 year in jail law for having an illegal gun??? Gov why not ad a tax to anyone buying a gun, also a Tax for the bullitts, and a Tax for the holdster, and a Tax on the Sales Tax to buy the gun!!!! Forget it, I’ll get my gun in NH….No tax!!!

  15. blackbear1 says:


    Now that you have lectured and talked @ four different people, this responsible gun owner wishes to assume no more responsibility since I already comply with all existing laws. I do no give away any of my firearms to anyone. I will sell or trade with a repudible dealer. See anything wrong with that picture

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