BOSTON (AP) – Gov. Deval Patrick is hoping to make good on a key promise of his second term: Curbing youth violence.

The governor heads to the Mildred Avenue Community Center in Boston on Monday to announce how the state can reduce violence among young people.

In January, the Democratic governor told The Associated Press that while state government alone can’t solve the problem, he’ll work at the community level with mothers, youth workers and others to bring about a change.

Patrick made his pledge following violent incidents involving young people, including last year’s shooting death of an eighth-grade Boston honors student after he went to buy Mother’s Day cards for his mother and grandmother.

Patrick had visited with Jaewon Martin’s mother after his killing.

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  1. jaygee says:

    It certainly sounds nice but just how is he going to do it? When you have 16 years olds walking around with knives and handguns who think that life is like a televison show or movie where nobody bleeds, a problem exists. Youthviolence is present in most parts of this country and many parts of the world so nobody can simply “put an end to it”.

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