BOSTON (CBS) – Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli confirmed on Saturday that Patrice Bergeron suffered a mild concussion Friday during game four against Philadelphia.

Bergeron, who has been one of Boston’s top players in these playoffs, left the game late after Flyers forward Claude Giroux checked him on open-ice.

Chiarelli said Saturday he thought the hit “was a shade late.”

Bergeron is expected to be out at least a week. That means he’ll miss the beginning of the next series against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Rookie Tyler Seguin is expected to take his spot.

This is the 25-year-old Bergeron’s third concussion, and his second at the hands of a Philadelphia Flyers player. Bergeron suffered a grade three concussion in 2007 when he was checked from behind by Flyers defenseman Randy Jones.

Jones now plays for the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Bruins’ opponent in the next round.

Comments (9)
  1. David Francis says:

    Not good…hope he makes a speedy recovery. he’s been the backbone of this team throughout the entire playoff run so far.

  2. Tim says:

    they need to make a new helmet for guys that have had multiple concusions, a helmet more like the NFL ones.

  3. b's fan says:

    ya a helmet with a 44 mag mounted on the back for pansies who try to cripple defenseless players from behind against the boards…

  4. Andy says:

    Well said David…shame to see such a good player going through this. PB plays the most quiet, important game in the NHL hands down. I think they are dead without him.

  5. George says:

    So what it’s called a hockey play isn’t it? Make a bridge and get over it already

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