CAMBRIDGE (AP) – A Massachusetts company that has invented a genetically-engineered organism that converts sunlight, water and carbon dioxide directly into fuel is building its first production facility in New Mexico.

Joule Unlimited of Cambridge on Thursday announced the lease agreement with Lea County for 1,200 acres, with potential to expand to 5,000 acres. They say Lea County has access to the needed solar energy, non-potable water and waste carbon dioxide.

Joule chief executive Bill Sims says it’s a first step toward demonstrating the technology at various sites. Joule proclaims their technology could change the world, but skeptics want to see it work on a large scale.

Joule says its organism secretes a product identical to ethanol and the components of diesel fuel for $30 per barrel. Similar technologies with algae use biomass and are more costly and complicated.

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Comments (2)
  1. DStein says:

    Almost seems to good to be true that we can develop a renewable resource for fuel. It will be interesting to see if this pans out.

  2. jerry says:

    They will find a way to say it not going to work because theres to much money that will be lost by all the oil company , one way or another there will be a excuse to get rid of it or to raise the cost of producing it one way or another because to much money and profit will go down the drain watch in see.

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