SHREWSBURY (CBS) — Google is known for its wacky and offbeat doodles that show up on its front page here and there. Some recent ones include a doodle commemorating the royal wedding and a doodle in honor of the first World Fair.

A sixth grader from Shrewsbury is hoping his doodle will soon join those ranks. His doodle has been chosen as a finalist in the Doodle 4 Google competition for school children.

Jared Sarnie, 12, of Sherwood Middle School, drew a “creative contraption” that’s parts look like the word Google.

The company challenged students across the country to design a logo inspired by the theme, “What I’d like to be someday…” It received more than 107,000 entries, and narrowed down to 40 regional finalists.

Sarnie wrote in his entry, “Someday I’d like to become an engineer, which is why I depicted machinery in my design. I hope you pick my design. Because I included a variety of mechanical elements, colors, and details.”

This is the fourth year the company had held this doodle competition. It’s open to kindergarten through high school seniors.

Starting Wednesday the public will be able to vote on its favorite and will help Google select four national finalists representing four grade groups.

Google will then choose a national winner from that group and that doodle will be featured on the site on May 20. The winner also receives a $15,000 scholarship and their school or after school program receives a $25,000 technology grant.

All of the regional finalists will have their doodle on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art and SFMOMA.

Voting, which can be done here, ends on May 13 at 8 p.m.

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    1. Olivia Lynch says:

      I’m in ur class O_O

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    oh my god look its john and olivia hahaha this is grace and cassie (:

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    This is veerry Awwwk Bc all u guys r on my team exeppt cassiee <3 hahhhhhhahhaa

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