YARMOUTH (CBS) – A man wanted in an attempted armed robbery at a South Yarmouth supermarket turned himself into police early Sunday morning.

Shannon Issler admitted to officers he attempted to rob a woman that had just withdrawn cash from an ATM inside the Stop & Shop in South Yarmouth on Friday night, police said.

shannonissler Man Arrested For Attempted Robbery In South Yarmouth Supermarket

Shannon Issler (credit: Yarmouth Police Dept.)

Police said that Issler followed the woman down an aisle and pulled out an air pistol demanding money. The woman refused and pushed the gun away, causing Issler to flee the scene.

Issler was booked and subsequently released on bail. He is set to be arraigned at Barnstable District Court on Monday.

Comments (5)
  1. emom says:

    REALLY …. released,, WHY,, so he can rob another person maybe with a real gun… ahh this guy has serious issues and someone should get this guy help…. RELEASED REALLY,…. WHY.

  2. Taxpayer says:

    Everyone one a a right to bail in this country, except for certain crimes. I guess sticking a gun in the ribs of a woman shopping in the safety of a supermarket aisle and demanding her money isn’t covered.

  3. Recently was Robbed in Mass by a gun says:

    now it who you know in the court system and no not everyone has the right to bail Look at the case of the cop that got shot at Kohls at we release a crimall in Mass

  4. Cynic says:

    and this is why I carry my service weapon when I go shopping. I can almost say with certainty that he would of been shot and killed if I saw that weapon pointed at someone else

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