BOSTON (CBS) – Some Boston Public School students celebrated Lemonade Day on Sunday.

Seven lemonade stands were set up around Boston, which was one of 31 cities around America to celebrate the day.

This was part of a nationwide initiative that teaches children how to budget, develop a business plan, and foster customer relations — the basic skills necessary to start a business.

The project was sponsored locally by Babson College.

Mayor Tom Menino said the lemonade profits made Sunday will be donated to The Jimmy Fund.

Comments (2)
  1. timma says:

    i thought mumbles has a ban on sugary beverages?

  2. Nicolas Martin says:

    The organizers of Lemonade Day leave out two important things: profit and regulations. Entrepreneurs take risks to make money, but Lemonade Day puts charity ahead of personal reward. Unfortunately, in virtually every town and city in America, it is no more legal for kids to sell lemonade than to sell liquor. Lemonade Day is a feel-good sham masquerading as entrepreneurialism.

    Here’s the real dope:

    Government regulation: Lemonade Day done wrong

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