CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Prince William and Kate Middleton are now officially to be known as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge… (England, of course).

But we ventured out to the streets of our own Cambridge, confident we could find men who’d admit: they watched, and liked the royal wedding this morning.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

Sure enough, a couple of city workers putting in new sidewalks on JFK Street outside of Harvard Square fessed up.

Like a lot of his co-workers, Ron Read had to work too early to catch a lot of the ceremony on television, so he listened on the radio on his way in. He found the commentary interesting.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports on the day’s events overseas

“They were remarking about how the queen — the purse she had didn’t match the dress. I don’t know if that came up or not,” he said.

A bit farther up the road, Tom Bauman explained he caught a few minutes on the tube as he was getting ready.

“It was good, pretty extravagant,” he said. “It was interesting to see all the people there, see who was there, Elton John and all that.”

At a different site in the city, construction worker George Makso said he was actually awake and watching the ceremony before his wife.

“I blasted [the TV] really loud and I got her up,” Mackso explained. “It was beautiful. I would have loved to be there!”

Away from the worksites, plenty of guys told us they tuned in for at least some of the hours-long broadcast. Though most admit, it took a bit of coercion from the women at home.

One man said he was “sucked in” to the coverage when his mother-in-law turned it on — and he couldn’t turn away.

Another guy said thanks to the incredibly heavy media coverage of the nuptials, there was practically no way to watch anything other than the royal wedding this morning.

Comments (4)
  1. Diane says:

    Hey, my husband’s up early and he saw the whole thing! Me, I didn’t get up until 8! He told me that Kate looked beautiful!

  2. Ann says:

    i would love to see royal wedding that hour.
    But i was getting ready for work did not get time to see it :(
    have nice weekend everyone

  3. emom says:

    this wedding was absolutely beautiful, Kates dress was so regal and stunning, william was very hansome in his uniform.. I watched it all and it was wonderful. And to see the couple drive a car together afterwards was so out of the ordinary… THey sure made some changes and they looked so relaxed,,, best of luck to them ,,,,,

  4. Cynic says:

    Turner Classic Movies had a film about Giant Killer Ants that were hiding in the sewers of L.A when they wern’t out eating people…..I watched that instead.

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