The Boston Bruins were forced into a Game 7 with the Montreal Canadiens on Wednesday night. Nathan Horton’s overtime goal gave Boston a 4-3 victory over Monteal and helped the B’s advance to the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Jack Edwards spoke with Toucher & Rich about the series win and the places where this team is struggling. What does finally winning a Game 7 mean for this Bruins team?

They also discussed the struggle with the power play, what is keeping this team from scoring with the man advantage?

The Bruins now prepare to take on the Philidelphia Flyers in the Eastern Conference semifinals. The guys talked about Chris Pronger being banged up and the goaltending of the Flyers. Will this series have more high scoring games?

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  1. Craig says:

    Dude! J Murph from Marlboro I heard you on the T&R Male-bag, that was “this guy” KABOOM! Khyah! I had the black and gold shoes and the nameless winter classic jersey and black pants! “This guy” was whooping it up in front of Bobby statuesqueness ripping on Habs fans and gettting on CBC! You know who “this guy” is it’s Craig from G-town, craig mac 1000 degrees heating it up and straight up frontin’! Woooooooooooh!

  2. Faith says:

    Caught the radio broadcast Saturday May 1 regarding JEdwards rant. I would suspect that NESN actually gave JE the airtime. What is missed by the noivce show’s hosts is that JE recapped the history between Bs and Ms not just the series. JE calls the best game and to compare his color to that of baseball which is slower was just wrong. Additionally the continued bulling by this team to a stealy JE has sealed the deal that I will not listen to this radio program again. The hosts and the subsequent Article about JE branding or rants doesn’t take responsibility for their own continued spin on the story, too bad they didn’t talk about the game but their own impression of ending speach. Too bad they didn’t recap the game itself, they clearing didn’t watch because if they had I belive the Suban chin flip-off with no fine would have made for better listening and/or debate. Advid fan, watched everygame, I can see why the radio station kept disconnecting us Fans, we weren’t happy with the reporting and it was going has they had wanted. Unwarranted attack on JE who spent his personnel time, at his daughter’s soccor game being berraded by a buch bullies.

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