BOSTON (CBS) – With gas prices soaring, Stop & Shop is expanding its program that gives customers a break at the pumps.

Starting Friday, customers will earn one point on their card for every dollar they spend.

Every 100 points is good for a $0.10 discount at Shell and Stop & Shop gas stations.

Comments (5)
  1. Jerry M says:

    Big deal. So lets say you spend $100 at Stop & Shop and you purchase 20 gallons of gas, that is saving you $2. I can guarantee if you bought the same items at Market Basket you would save more than $2. Plus that is assuming that the Stop & Shop pumps have the best price in town.

  2. jerry says:

    Thats funny price chopper gives 10cents off every $50.00 dollors spent and stop in shop you have to spend $100.00 dollors for 10 cents off a gallon who is stop in shop trying to fool here?

  3. Laura says:

    For every dollar you spend you will earn one point, and every 100 points will earn you .10 off a gallon of gas. THATS WHAT THEY OFFER NOW! How is this an improvement?

  4. Brian says:

    Lol don’t blame Stop and Shop for CBS News bad reporting! It isn’t their fault CBS thinks this is news.

  5. Annoyed says:

    Um, the Stop and Shop card ALSO gets you discounts on food or have none of you ever been to a grocery store. You buy $112 in food, save $12. Now go to the gas pump and earn .10 cents off PER GALLON. Fill up the average sedan of 15 gallons, you just saved another $1.50. OR just stockpile your points because you need the groceries anyway and are already saving money with the card. Then head to a participating pump and you get $2.20 off per gallon! To fill my car that would save me $38 (not to mention the Shell station by me is .10 cheaper already) and it cost me NOTHING because I’m buying the groceries ANYWAY. Honestly, you’re all ungrateful. Companies go out on a limb to establish these relationships to offer their customers an edge. They sink a ton of money into these bonus programs and reward points and everybody just takes takes takes and then you all COMPLAIN that it isn’t good enough. Everybody wants everything for nothing. Can’t afford your gas? Take the bus, don’t complain that the grocery store isn’t paying for it.

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