By Paul Burton

MERRIMACK, NH (CBS) – John Westerhorf of Merrimack, New Hampshire has an unwelcome guest.

On Tuesday, Westerhof and his family found a 400-lb. bear ripping apart their bird feeders.

“I came out and bear was about 20 feet away,” said Westerhof. “It was calm at first and then it was annoyed I was this close and it reared up and slammed his paws on the ground.”

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

Westerhof soon discovered that momma bear was not alone. She had a cub with her, which scampered up the tree.

“Mom went up after the cub but couldn’t get up to the top because the limbs too flimsy,” he said.

Both mom and cub spent about 6 hours wandering around the yard. Animal Control came by but the left the animals alone, determining that they posed no threat.

Despite that, Merrimack Police Captain Peter Albert is making sure the message gets out that bears can be dangerous.

“We are telling residents although they are beautiful animals, they are also wild animals,” he said. “Give them their space. Let them move on. Don’t feed them.”

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  1. m says:

    Black Bear Power!

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