The Boston Bruins could be moving on to round two if they can win game six in Montreal. Adam Proteau joined Toucher & Rich to talk about violence in hockey.

They discussed Zdeno Chara’s hit on Max Pacioretty and the NHL’s ruling. Does Proteau think the NHL did enough?

He also explained why he called Matt Cooke a victim after the hit on Marc Savard.

Does he think that players should punished for flopping?

Would Proteau like to see the NHL get rid of the instigator rule?

And, what is wrong with enjoying a hockey fight?

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  1. Craig says:

    I agree with Adam Proteau to an extent about goon players. I don’t think that Matt Cooke is really a “victim” according to Adam’s point of view. Matt Cooke actually has some skill and can get into position to *puck in the net (*can we make a trade?). However, suggesting that Matt Cooke was assigned “to do a job” and he’s only doing what he’s told to seems a bit ridiculous. That’s like saying he doesn’t have a mind of his own, he’s just a robot that is assigned to “take out” players at the willing of Ray Shero.

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