BROCKTON (CBS) – A student stabbed another student at Brockton High School on Tuesday morning, officials with Brockton Public Schools said.

Joshua Silva, an 18-year-old sophomore from Taunton, and an 18-year-old senior were brought into a housemaster’s office after a confrontation before school. Silva then allegedly stabbed the senior with a carpet knife in the back at around 8 a.m.

WBZ-TV’s Sera Congi reports.

Brockton School Police then rushed in to break up the altercation and arrest Silva.

The senior was then taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

“This is an aberration,” said Superintendent of Schools Matthew H. Malone, Ph.D in a statement. “Brockton High School is a safe and supportive learning environment, an urban high school that has been held up as a national model of excellence. We are appalled that this incident has taken place; we do not condone and will not tolerate violence.”

Police said Silva may be arraigned later Tuesday in Brockton District Court. He is expected to be charged with assault and battery with knife, assault to murder, and possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds.

Comments (8)
  1. Cynic says:

    18 years old and still a sophmore. Looks like Joshua will be still a sophmore at 19 years old. What a loser!

    Brockton is one of thosepathetic towns where nothing good ever happens.

    1. kasser says:

      @Cynic, not true – the Texas Roadhouse there is quite good :)

  2. Lizz fasulo says:

    Brockton high has been a model school for quite a while now & if you didn’t notice, the kid that did the stabbing was from TAUNTON…. not Briockton.

  3. Linda says:

    Brockton really isn’t that bad of a place. Brockton High School has been a model school for years. Plus the student who did the stabbing move from Taunton so he wasn’t even from Brockton originally (and also Taunton is about 1/2 the size of Brockton and about 10x worse)

  4. KO says: You get what you want ouf of Brockton High, the opportunities are there for the taking.

  5. unknown says:

    brockton high is a bunch of kids trying to be gangstas but they know it wont happen and they all try to make a name for them selves

  6. Eric says:

    Well what you guys have to realize is that BHS is one of the biggest schools in the country. Clearly we are going to have some issues other schools with 200-400 students. Like Linda said we are a model school. We’re in news papers and on the news for things other than shootings and stabbings, like our Boxer Buddies program, our sports teams, our Band, and our overall education.

  7. Eric says:

    Right BHS is FULL of wannabe gangsters, yet two kids are going to Harvard and another to Wellesley? Sounds accurate…

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