Power Saw Used In Plymouth Murder-Suicide

PLYMOUTH (CBS) – Police are trying to figure out what happened after a gruesome incident in Plymouth late Monday night.

Monday, an out-of-state friend called police, asking them to check on 49-year old Keith Lincoln and his wife Jetti.

When the two officers arrived, they apparently saw Keith Lincoln sitting in the front room of the rental home, with a circular power saw. He then turned it on, and in front of police, cut off his own leg.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports.

“This was traumatic for the officers, ” said Plymouth Police Chief Mike Botieri. “To see a man take his own life in such a manner.”

The officers rushed into the home and tried to stop the bleeding, but it was to no avail. Lincoln later died.

But, the horrifying scene wasn’t over for the officers. They checked the bedroom and found Jetti Lincoln dead in a bed, along with the couple’s two dogs, who were also dead. She had been deceased for several days and may have died at the hands of her husband, using that power saw.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports.

The couple rented the home last July, and neighbors found them to be quiet, yet friendly enough.

“They seemed happy, and told me they wanted to stay indefinitely,” said Marie Cesati.

The owner of the home Tim Moll told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 the couple was from Vermont and was behind on their rent.

Police are now trying to positively identify Jetti Lincoln through her dental records.

It’s not known if that was a factor in the murder-suicide.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields contributed to this report.

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  • Lord Worrywart

    In England where they ban pointy knives this would never have happened. What about the children?

    • Rob

      Women and minorities most affected.

      • Ceeeeez

        Okay while the story is horrible, the comments have been fantastic. Many, many great comments and they make a salient point which will likely be ignored. “Women and minorities most affected…” (megadittos) you guys kill me.

    • unclemike

      In England, where they have huge beer mugs with handles, you can beat your victim to death and then quench your thirst with the same instrument.

      • don n


    • Scarf

      Sounds like this guy in on the cutting edge of murder/suicide technology.

      • Jen

        Maybe he snapped at the price of his gas chainsaw fill-up?

    • FatherTomasino

      Was Mr. Lincoln an Honors Student?

  • Ken

    We must have government supervision of all people who are behind on their rent, plus ban power saws.

    • ken

      In TX, saw control mean cutting a straight line….geddyup

    • http://bluedolly25.wordpress.com bluedolly25

      That’s stupid. The guy was derange . This is a very unfortunate story .

  • eddy james

    I’m sure that State Rep. Tom Ammiano will call for a ban on open carry of power tools.and push for a law to register extension cords.Else where the loony left will scream that no one needs an extension cord longer than 10 feet in length.

    • Scott Nelson

      Would over 10 feet be considered an assault cord?

    • drifter504

      That is a high capacity cord…
      Why would anyone ever need a power cord over 10 feet long. A child might trip over it!

      • http://fourbluehills.wordpress.com fourbluehills

        if you are like me, who bought a leaf blower, without thinking of how it actually started, gas or electric. ;) That is when someone would need a 100 ft cord, like me.

    • Tom

      sounds like a real gov`t plan!

  • DarkKnight77587

    “the couple was from Vermont…”
    Vermont? Well that explains everything…You know how people from Vermont are…

  • Lowes Share Holder

    Home Depot is the “real killer”! Why make this poor guy the scapegoat?

    • ACE Hardware Share Holder

      I disagree completely! Both Home Depot and Lowes are to blame! Their big box nationwide sales campaigns, coupled with ridiculously low prices on quality power tools (with appealing, and reasonable, warranty coverage plans) guarantee we will see more tragic events like this in the future. Regulations must be established and enforced immediately!!!!

      • don n

        I disagree completely again! Vermont is to blame! Noone can live in the state and not commit murder-suicide. Its proven in the Bible or something…

    • http://bluedolly25.wordpress.com bluedolly25

      Because the guy uses the saw to kill himself and probably killed his wife. Its not the saw! Not Home Depot ! There are hard working craftmanship people who uses tools for what is for. Hope due to this coward everyone has to suffer.

      • http://bluedolly25.wordpress.com bluedolly25

        Typo error. I meant ; I hope everyone does not has to suffer due to this coward.

      • Hagar the Horrible

        You’re whole response can be considered a typo.

      • aberl


  • Linda Dix

    This wasn’t your normal saw this was an assult saw!

  • unclemike

    We need common sense power saw regulation and registration. It’s for the children.;)

    • skiuppie

      How clever you must feel, yet I want to thank you for demonstrating exactly why we need gun control. Moron.

      • Ken T

        Guns don’t kill, I do!

      • Ken T

      • KILL_EM_ALL

        Hey “Just One Voice” from 4/26. You state that “It is stories like that that bring out all the morons of the world. All the jokes and such – how about the family of these people?” To that I say: there is no family left. The guy killed ’em all. Don’t call anyone a “moron”. After all, it appears as if you did not do your research. Pity goes to you. Not withstanding a power saw, if you ever got your hands on a chain saw, I’d hate to see the result – or maybe not.

      • Ben

        I blame the black powersaws, they are particularly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs!

      • Idi Amin

        @ skiuppie – you might want to consider coming up with a different comment. You used it before. I give your comment a “1” out of “10”. Please try harder.

      • tool

        hey, libs ride the short bus.

  • Bob Montgomery

    I hear that the Latin Kings and some other street gangs are buying up all of the power saws they can get your hands on. It’s time to ban these fiendish weapons so they can only be in the hands of the criminals whom the loony left already regard as “victims”.

  • wbz news reader

    You all need to keep your day jobs. Your attempt at comedy fell far short, especially unclemike.

    • Dr. Feelgood

      Someone is just a LITTLE bit grumpy today…

      • Larry B.

        Perhaps, but it’s not his fault that he is grumpy. The fault lies with the conservatives of course. They just ruin everything.

      • OBAMAFTW

        Do you not understand what the officers have to deal with……You sir need to grow up and not be anti feminist and cruel…….jesus

    • LSU-EM-MD

      I think these replies are quite funny. I think someone way up at the top of the tread was actually quite serious about regulating power tools…maybe it was the individual that closed their reply with ” Obama 2012..Yay!”

      • Kevin Stowell

        Ha ha. ‘Sounds about right–Saw Control laws. God help us all.

  • Mao Tse Tang

    If all power saws were solar-powered, then this tragic incident wouldn’t have occurred!

    • James

      Everyone needs to sign the circulating petition to equip all power-tools with breathalyzers so that intoxicated people can’t possibly operate them; and we need a national database to ensure that people with violent histories/mental instability cannot possibly obtain a saw; of course it goes without saying that mandatory background checks, drug screenings, and waiting periods must be part of any sensible policy, and lists of saw owners should be made available to the public so that everyone knows if their neighbors may be in possession of these “tools” of mass carnage.

      Seriously though, this is a tragedy, and my heart goes out to the victims. It’s a shame we have to even make these jokes but if we don’t say it in jest to play up the silliness of these types of proposals in advance, it won’t be long before big government nanny-state types will be saying this stuff for real. Head ’em off with humor, I say. People would have laughed uproariously at all the overprotective nanny-state stuff that’s reality now, if told about it a few decades ago.

    • JP Johnson

      Because, the saw would only work on a sunny day, and who could be murdeous on a bright sunny day?

      • Termite

        No because this “accident” occurred at 10pm and last I checked there was no sun then.

  • just one voice

    It is stories like that that bring out all the morons of the world. All the jokes and such – how about the family of these people? When dispair sets in to the point that you are willing to kill the one you love and yourself is hard enough for a family to try and understand add on that morons posting comments such as the ones here, just goes to show how low our humanity has gotten.
    My prayers go out to the family

    • Steve

      Who invited Buzz Killington to the party?

      • steve

        Fhataz (clever name), if you’re going to go through the trouble of calling me a sexist through the anonymity of the internet, try to proof your post next time. I’ve included a link to help you out-


        And to further elaborate on your comment… I do more before 9am than you do in the average work week. I may be an a**hole (I can’t believe I almost typed that curse word!), so I apologize if this post was insensitive and has hurt you and stuff.

      • Fhataz

        Wow. Your a d-bag. I hope that one day you must endure this kind of deal. How will it make you feel. I bet reaaaallll good. then you will understand how much the comments hurt and stuff. Get a life. Get out of your goddam house, and grow a pair you selfish anti woman d-bag a**hole.

    • Dr. Feelgood

      It must be tough to be so “sensitive”. If I “took a moment to reflect” every time something bad happened in the world…I’d never get anywhere. How come this tragedy requires more “respect” than all the others? Just how long do we have to wait before we “move on?” A week, a day, an hour, a minute? What’s the difference?

      • just one voice

        It’s not a matter of this tragedy requiring “more respect” than other stories. It’s a matter of having compassion for others and not being a selfish ass. The story does not go into the events which caused this event. This is close to the story about a year ago where a teen girl was bullied to the point where she committed suicide and those that bullied her posted jokes and taunts like the ones here on a website dedicated to her, I bet those that posed here would have no problem making jokes on that site also.
        As for it being “tough to be sensitive” no you can feel compassion for others, move on and try to assist those that need help so something like this does not happen again. You cannot save everyone but you do not have to try and help drive them over the edge.
        I hope when you grow-up that you come to understand that there is more to living then serving yourself.

      • TomB

        just one voice:

        Well, you go ahead and organize the candlelight ceremony and start the train of mourners who pile flowers in front of the house. We as a society are so obsessed with mourning, self-introspection after tragedies, and moments of silence, its no wonder the rest of the world sees us as so weak. Can you imagine a 10-year debate over a memorial like in NYC after a terror attack in Israel? They rebuild and get on with their lives. They pay tribute to their slain countrymen by learning from the situation and trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again – not by taking political advantage and trying to press an agenda (i.e. gun control). The posters above are calling attention to that in a clever and witty way. I guess you aren’t part of the great mass of the left who confuse wit with intelligence. Or maybe you are confusing wit with malice here because they are against gun control, and therefore, unable to be intelligent?

      • just one voice


        When tragedy enters into your life, try applying some of the comments placed here into your situation, and then maybe you will understand the difference between wit and being an ass. As for gun control (which will never be allowed, for those of us that have will never give them up) that has nothing to do with the story it was brought in by those morons trying to be “funny”.

    • victim

      Amen, they were a great couple and something had to have happened seriously to affect him this way. Times are tough and theres a lot of suicides and murder going because of it. Think about if it was your family that had to read rude comments. Some people just have no morals at all. Don’t just assume someone was a bad person, I knew this couple for many years and they were one of the nicest couples, sometimes bad things hapen to good people and it could happen to any one of usGod bless the family and friends of this fallen couple.

      • Check

        Pardon me all you sanctimonious victimology promoters, but if something like this DID happen in my family, I sure as hell wouldn’t be reading comments on the internet to pass the time until the funeral. So get those hands off your hips, un-purse those tight little lips, take a couple of deep breaths and let the sand fall out of your vagina. You’ll feel much better, I promise.

      • BillyGoat

        Oh so “we” do want free speech to be restricted here as it is in Canada? God Save the Queen!

  • Red Ruffansore

    Another senseless victim of hope-N-change. Chuck U. Schumer needs to pass a law that all saws sold don’t have high capacity saw guards and perhaps a 7 day waiting period. Guess I just didn’t know beantown was a mean town.

    • zeroid

      There should be a mandate to have a backgroung check and be licensed before you can buy a chain saw. It would be worth it if we saved just one life.

  • LMAO

    Oh Please. Please don’t keep your day jobs. Got a great laugh out of all of your posts. Especially unclemike. The sad thing is, It’ All True!

  • flossmore

    A Kalashnakov AK-391 with pitched saw-guard and a 9 foot power cord….what a weapon !! Ban them now dam-mit…don’t let these tools get in the hands of tools!

  • HeraldHannah

    No names have been released, yet they show a picture of the house and the street name… nice way for the FAMILY to find out about it all…

  • Pow Ersaw

    Power saw kills resident. Women and minorities affected most. heeh heeeh

  • Cesar Millan

    How come no-one is sensitive to the fact that a tragedy occured here? 2 dogs were killed?!?!?! Doesn’t anyone have any feelings?

    • DarkKnight77587

      It’s obvious! They were just Dogs…but had it been Cats there’d be a Million Man March on Washington DC about it! Riots in the Streets! LA would burn (again)and so on.

    • Jane Goodall

      They’re all heathens!

      • Dave


  • stepjak

    There should be an immediate moratorium on all power saw purchases. Followed by a registration process, then a 5 day power saw purchase wait period. Don’t even get me started on the regulations surrounding saw blades.

  • Paul

    I’ll give you my power saw when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

  • dylan

    I really hate it when there is a tragedy and the news opens stories like this up for comment, lots of really pathetic, unfunny things here, this is a tragedy. Please do NOT open these stories for comment. Very cruel and disrescpectful

    • N. Bonaparte

      Wouldn’t that result in NO stories being available for comment? Last time I checked, the only news is bad news….that’s what sells.

    • Brunkmann

      actually some of them are quite witty, they all contain a grain of truth as well.
      In our blame others and regulate anything that might hurt someone, or to score political points with the left. The ocasional “Pithy” comment is most welcome..

  • Ken

    Mandatory child locks, cord must not be stored in same location as saw.

  • dan

    racists is spelled this way

    • mike

      racists are spelled this way

    • N. Bonaparte

      dan, you totally missed the joke…sorry.

  • Jackie Treehorn

    Yep they buried the lead, 2 dogs are now dead.

  • Turd Ferguson

    Well, baby steps. First we should get rid of the concealed power saw carry permits.

  • ron

    Ok,Ok, OK we get it. Liberals are for regulations. Conservatives are for letting people rot and drop dead. We’re the lame ones. Gotcha.

    • JohnM

      Not rot and drop dead, just kill them.

    • Rico

      People ARE rotting and dropping dead, ron, but it’s not because of Conservatives. It’s because of liberals (like you).

      • Getatme

        Ok. Its the liberals….NOT. Dude your conservatives like Sarah Palin would rather let the world burnn……

    • Henry Kissinger

      @ron – Did anyone every point out to you the danger of this kind of bipolar thinking? That’s the kind of thinking that leads someone to shoot a doctor that performs abortions.

      • Ken T

        Wouldn’t it be the reverse, drop dead and then rot? Of course we would need regulations on where we can and cannot rot. Get to work on it Liberals!

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