PLYMOUTH (CBS) – Police are trying to figure out what happened after a gruesome incident in Plymouth late Monday night.

Monday, an out-of-state friend called police, asking them to check on 49-year old Keith Lincoln and his wife Jetti.

When the two officers arrived, they apparently saw Keith Lincoln sitting in the front room of the rental home, with a circular power saw. He then turned it on, and in front of police, cut off his own leg.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports.

“This was traumatic for the officers, ” said Plymouth Police Chief Mike Botieri. “To see a man take his own life in such a manner.”

The officers rushed into the home and tried to stop the bleeding, but it was to no avail. Lincoln later died.

But, the horrifying scene wasn’t over for the officers. They checked the bedroom and found Jetti Lincoln dead in a bed, along with the couple’s two dogs, who were also dead. She had been deceased for several days and may have died at the hands of her husband, using that power saw.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports.

The couple rented the home last July, and neighbors found them to be quiet, yet friendly enough.

“They seemed happy, and told me they wanted to stay indefinitely,” said Marie Cesati.

The owner of the home Tim Moll told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 the couple was from Vermont and was behind on their rent.

Police are now trying to positively identify Jetti Lincoln through her dental records.

It’s not known if that was a factor in the murder-suicide.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields contributed to this report.

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  1. Lord Worrywart says:

    In England where they ban pointy knives this would never have happened. What about the children?

    1. unclemike says:

      In England, where they have huge beer mugs with handles, you can beat your victim to death and then quench your thirst with the same instrument.

      1. don n says:


    2. Rob says:

      Women and minorities most affected.

      1. Ceeeeez says:

        Okay while the story is horrible, the comments have been fantastic. Many, many great comments and they make a salient point which will likely be ignored. “Women and minorities most affected…” (megadittos) you guys kill me.

    3. Scarf says:

      Sounds like this guy in on the cutting edge of murder/suicide technology.

      1. Jen says:

        Maybe he snapped at the price of his gas chainsaw fill-up?

    4. FatherTomasino says:

      Was Mr. Lincoln an Honors Student?

  2. Ken says:

    We must have government supervision of all people who are behind on their rent, plus ban power saws.

    1. ken says:

      In TX, saw control mean cutting a straight line….geddyup

    2. bluedolly25 says:

      That’s stupid. The guy was derange . This is a very unfortunate story .

  3. eddy james says:

    I’m sure that State Rep. Tom Ammiano will call for a ban on open carry of power tools.and push for a law to register extension cords.Else where the loony left will scream that no one needs an extension cord longer than 10 feet in length.

    1. Scott Nelson says:

      Would over 10 feet be considered an assault cord?

    2. drifter504 says:

      That is a high capacity cord…
      Why would anyone ever need a power cord over 10 feet long. A child might trip over it!

      1. if you are like me, who bought a leaf blower, without thinking of how it actually started, gas or electric. ;) That is when someone would need a 100 ft cord, like me.

    3. Tom says:

      sounds like a real gov`t plan!

  4. DarkKnight77587 says:

    “the couple was from Vermont…”
    Vermont? Well that explains everything…You know how people from Vermont are…

  5. Lowes Share Holder says:

    Home Depot is the “real killer”! Why make this poor guy the scapegoat?

    1. ACE Hardware Share Holder says:

      I disagree completely! Both Home Depot and Lowes are to blame! Their big box nationwide sales campaigns, coupled with ridiculously low prices on quality power tools (with appealing, and reasonable, warranty coverage plans) guarantee we will see more tragic events like this in the future. Regulations must be established and enforced immediately!!!!

      1. don n says:

        I disagree completely again! Vermont is to blame! Noone can live in the state and not commit murder-suicide. Its proven in the Bible or something…

    2. bluedolly25 says:

      Because the guy uses the saw to kill himself and probably killed his wife. Its not the saw! Not Home Depot ! There are hard working craftmanship people who uses tools for what is for. Hope due to this coward everyone has to suffer.

      1. bluedolly25 says:

        Typo error. I meant ; I hope everyone does not has to suffer due to this coward.

      2. Hagar the Horrible says:

        You’re whole response can be considered a typo.

      3. aberl says:


  6. Linda Dix says:

    This wasn’t your normal saw this was an assult saw!

  7. unclemike says:

    We need common sense power saw regulation and registration. It’s for the children.;)

    1. skiuppie says:

      How clever you must feel, yet I want to thank you for demonstrating exactly why we need gun control. Moron.

      1. Idi Amin says:

        @ skiuppie – you might want to consider coming up with a different comment. You used it before. I give your comment a “1” out of “10”. Please try harder.

      2. tool says:

        hey, libs ride the short bus.

      3. Ken T says:

        Guns don’t kill, I do!

      4. KILL_EM_ALL says:

        Hey “Just One Voice” from 4/26. You state that “It is stories like that that bring out all the morons of the world. All the jokes and such – how about the family of these people?” To that I say: there is no family left. The guy killed ’em all. Don’t call anyone a “moron”. After all, it appears as if you did not do your research. Pity goes to you. Not withstanding a power saw, if you ever got your hands on a chain saw, I’d hate to see the result – or maybe not.

      5. Ben says:

        I blame the black powersaws, they are particularly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs!

  8. Bob Montgomery says:

    I hear that the Latin Kings and some other street gangs are buying up all of the power saws they can get your hands on. It’s time to ban these fiendish weapons so they can only be in the hands of the criminals whom the loony left already regard as “victims”.

  9. wbz news reader says:

    You all need to keep your day jobs. Your attempt at comedy fell far short, especially unclemike.

    1. Dr. Feelgood says:

      Someone is just a LITTLE bit grumpy today…

      1. Larry B. says:

        Perhaps, but it’s not his fault that he is grumpy. The fault lies with the conservatives of course. They just ruin everything.

      2. OBAMAFTW says:

        Do you not understand what the officers have to deal with……You sir need to grow up and not be anti feminist and cruel…….jesus

    2. LSU-EM-MD says:

      I think these replies are quite funny. I think someone way up at the top of the tread was actually quite serious about regulating power tools…maybe it was the individual that closed their reply with ” Obama 2012..Yay!”

      1. Kevin Stowell says:

        Ha ha. ‘Sounds about right–Saw Control laws. God help us all.

  10. Mao Tse Tang says:

    If all power saws were solar-powered, then this tragic incident wouldn’t have occurred!

    1. JP Johnson says:

      Because, the saw would only work on a sunny day, and who could be murdeous on a bright sunny day?

      1. Termite says:

        No because this “accident” occurred at 10pm and last I checked there was no sun then.

    2. James says:

      Everyone needs to sign the circulating petition to equip all power-tools with breathalyzers so that intoxicated people can’t possibly operate them; and we need a national database to ensure that people with violent histories/mental instability cannot possibly obtain a saw; of course it goes without saying that mandatory background checks, drug screenings, and waiting periods must be part of any sensible policy, and lists of saw owners should be made available to the public so that everyone knows if their neighbors may be in possession of these “tools” of mass carnage.

      Seriously though, this is a tragedy, and my heart goes out to the victims. It’s a shame we have to even make these jokes but if we don’t say it in jest to play up the silliness of these types of proposals in advance, it won’t be long before big government nanny-state types will be saying this stuff for real. Head ’em off with humor, I say. People would have laughed uproariously at all the overprotective nanny-state stuff that’s reality now, if told about it a few decades ago.

  11. just one voice says:

    It is stories like that that bring out all the morons of the world. All the jokes and such – how about the family of these people? When dispair sets in to the point that you are willing to kill the one you love and yourself is hard enough for a family to try and understand add on that morons posting comments such as the ones here, just goes to show how low our humanity has gotten.
    My prayers go out to the family

    1. Dr. Feelgood says:

      It must be tough to be so “sensitive”. If I “took a moment to reflect” every time something bad happened in the world…I’d never get anywhere. How come this tragedy requires more “respect” than all the others? Just how long do we have to wait before we “move on?” A week, a day, an hour, a minute? What’s the difference?

      1. just one voice says:

        It’s not a matter of this tragedy requiring “more respect” than other stories. It’s a matter of having compassion for others and not being a selfish ass. The story does not go into the events which caused this event. This is close to the story about a year ago where a teen girl was bullied to the point where she committed suicide and those that bullied her posted jokes and taunts like the ones here on a website dedicated to her, I bet those that posed here would have no problem making jokes on that site also.
        As for it being “tough to be sensitive” no you can feel compassion for others, move on and try to assist those that need help so something like this does not happen again. You cannot save everyone but you do not have to try and help drive them over the edge.
        I hope when you grow-up that you come to understand that there is more to living then serving yourself.

      2. TomB says:

        just one voice:

        Well, you go ahead and organize the candlelight ceremony and start the train of mourners who pile flowers in front of the house. We as a society are so obsessed with mourning, self-introspection after tragedies, and moments of silence, its no wonder the rest of the world sees us as so weak. Can you imagine a 10-year debate over a memorial like in NYC after a terror attack in Israel? They rebuild and get on with their lives. They pay tribute to their slain countrymen by learning from the situation and trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again – not by taking political advantage and trying to press an agenda (i.e. gun control). The posters above are calling attention to that in a clever and witty way. I guess you aren’t part of the great mass of the left who confuse wit with intelligence. Or maybe you are confusing wit with malice here because they are against gun control, and therefore, unable to be intelligent?

      3. just one voice says:


        When tragedy enters into your life, try applying some of the comments placed here into your situation, and then maybe you will understand the difference between wit and being an ass. As for gun control (which will never be allowed, for those of us that have will never give them up) that has nothing to do with the story it was brought in by those morons trying to be “funny”.

    2. Steve says:

      Who invited Buzz Killington to the party?

      1. Fhataz says:

        Wow. Your a d-bag. I hope that one day you must endure this kind of deal. How will it make you feel. I bet reaaaallll good. then you will understand how much the comments hurt and stuff. Get a life. Get out of your goddam house, and grow a pair you selfish anti woman d-bag a**hole.

      2. steve says:

        Fhataz (clever name), if you’re going to go through the trouble of calling me a sexist through the anonymity of the internet, try to proof your post next time. I’ve included a link to help you out-

        And to further elaborate on your comment… I do more before 9am than you do in the average work week. I may be an a**hole (I can’t believe I almost typed that curse word!), so I apologize if this post was insensitive and has hurt you and stuff.

    3. victim says:

      Amen, they were a great couple and something had to have happened seriously to affect him this way. Times are tough and theres a lot of suicides and murder going because of it. Think about if it was your family that had to read rude comments. Some people just have no morals at all. Don’t just assume someone was a bad person, I knew this couple for many years and they were one of the nicest couples, sometimes bad things hapen to good people and it could happen to any one of usGod bless the family and friends of this fallen couple.

      1. BillyGoat says:

        Oh so “we” do want free speech to be restricted here as it is in Canada? God Save the Queen!

      2. Check says:

        Pardon me all you sanctimonious victimology promoters, but if something like this DID happen in my family, I sure as hell wouldn’t be reading comments on the internet to pass the time until the funeral. So get those hands off your hips, un-purse those tight little lips, take a couple of deep breaths and let the sand fall out of your vagina. You’ll feel much better, I promise.

  12. Red Ruffansore says:

    Another senseless victim of hope-N-change. Chuck U. Schumer needs to pass a law that all saws sold don’t have high capacity saw guards and perhaps a 7 day waiting period. Guess I just didn’t know beantown was a mean town.

    1. zeroid says:

      There should be a mandate to have a backgroung check and be licensed before you can buy a chain saw. It would be worth it if we saved just one life.

  13. LMAO says:

    Oh Please. Please don’t keep your day jobs. Got a great laugh out of all of your posts. Especially unclemike. The sad thing is, It’ All True!

  14. flossmore says:

    A Kalashnakov AK-391 with pitched saw-guard and a 9 foot power cord….what a weapon !! Ban them now dam-mit…don’t let these tools get in the hands of tools!

  15. HeraldHannah says:

    No names have been released, yet they show a picture of the house and the street name… nice way for the FAMILY to find out about it all…

  16. Pow Ersaw says:

    Power saw kills resident. Women and minorities affected most. heeh heeeh

  17. Cesar Millan says:

    How come no-one is sensitive to the fact that a tragedy occured here? 2 dogs were killed?!?!?! Doesn’t anyone have any feelings?

    1. Jane Goodall says:

      They’re all heathens!

      1. Dave says:


    2. DarkKnight77587 says:

      It’s obvious! They were just Dogs…but had it been Cats there’d be a Million Man March on Washington DC about it! Riots in the Streets! LA would burn (again)and so on.

  18. stepjak says:

    There should be an immediate moratorium on all power saw purchases. Followed by a registration process, then a 5 day power saw purchase wait period. Don’t even get me started on the regulations surrounding saw blades.

  19. Paul says:

    I’ll give you my power saw when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

  20. dylan says:

    I really hate it when there is a tragedy and the news opens stories like this up for comment, lots of really pathetic, unfunny things here, this is a tragedy. Please do NOT open these stories for comment. Very cruel and disrescpectful

    1. N. Bonaparte says:

      Wouldn’t that result in NO stories being available for comment? Last time I checked, the only news is bad news….that’s what sells.

    2. Brunkmann says:

      actually some of them are quite witty, they all contain a grain of truth as well.
      In our blame others and regulate anything that might hurt someone, or to score political points with the left. The ocasional “Pithy” comment is most welcome..

  21. Ken says:

    Mandatory child locks, cord must not be stored in same location as saw.

  22. dan says:

    racists is spelled this way

    1. N. Bonaparte says:

      dan, you totally missed the joke…sorry.

    2. mike says:

      racists are spelled this way

  23. Jackie Treehorn says:

    Yep they buried the lead, 2 dogs are now dead.

  24. Turd Ferguson says:

    Well, baby steps. First we should get rid of the concealed power saw carry permits.

  25. ron says:

    Ok,Ok, OK we get it. Liberals are for regulations. Conservatives are for letting people rot and drop dead. We’re the lame ones. Gotcha.

    1. Henry Kissinger says:

      @ron – Did anyone every point out to you the danger of this kind of bipolar thinking? That’s the kind of thinking that leads someone to shoot a doctor that performs abortions.

      1. Ken T says:

        Wouldn’t it be the reverse, drop dead and then rot? Of course we would need regulations on where we can and cannot rot. Get to work on it Liberals!

    2. Rico says:

      People ARE rotting and dropping dead, ron, but it’s not because of Conservatives. It’s because of liberals (like you).

      1. Getatme says:

        Ok. Its the liberals….NOT. Dude your conservatives like Sarah Palin would rather let the world burnn……

    3. JohnM says:

      Not rot and drop dead, just kill them.

  26. IN MEMORY OF MARY JO says:


  27. ANGEL001 says:


  28. Otis Brady says:

    I strongly urge Sen. Charles Schumer to immediately draft the “Power Tool Control Act of 2011”. This law should encompass ALL power (and gasoline-operated tools and accessories) – AND close the home-improvement-show/expo loophole.

    1. wolfshades says:

      Here in Canada, this would never have happened. If you even *look* at a chain-saw…..I….I….just don’t want to talk about it.

      (Asked a clerk about buying some razor blades for my shaver. She tazered me and called the cops. Who promptly arrested us both, ’cause tasers are illegal here *too)

      *for reals. You can’t own a taser here.

    2. StopWhiningAlready says:

      Almost…My guess would be that the bill would have a more family-friendly name. Something like, “The Keeping Children Safe from danger in the workshop by voting out anyone who disagrees with us” bill.

  29. Teddy Kennedy's SEARCH+RESCUE says:

    1. Demetri says:

      Vote for a killer? Many did.

  30. Alamosq says:

    You’re an environmentally friendly killer.

  31. Ken T says:

    You guys really cut me up!

  32. Darryl says:

    There are way too many left wingnuts here spouting compassion. I am sure that most here feel for the families of these people. The point of these comments is to show how innane all the Left are in trying to ban guns. Ban all the guns and the criminals will start using what they can get their hands onto. Most likely, illegal guns.

    BTW, no one has mentioned cordless power tools. The battery and tool must be seperated and locked in seperate locked boxes when transporting to and from home to site. Also have to put a ban on all these high powered power tools. Does anyone really need a 18V power tool? Let’s all ban together and where our B&D orange shirts in solidarity. Or Makita blue, or Milwaukee red, or DeWalt yellow…

    1. DavidB says:

      Let alone a limit as to the size of the saw, the diameter of the blade, safety locks, carry permits, 15 day waiting periods while the prospective owner takes a basic carpentry course…

    2. drifter504 says:

      Oh damn… I have a lithium ion battery pac for my cordless tools!
      Extra running time… that’s really a high capacity battery!

  33. lukuj says:

    Shhh! If the liberals see this, they will probably try to do it – no matter how stupid it is. After all, PEOPLE can’t be blamed for their own actions unless, of course they are conservative. Then everything is their fault – true or not.

  34. Saw says:

    When power saws are outlawed, only outlaws will have power saws.

  35. John B says:

    You people are crazy….dont get rid of power saws just because one idiot did something stupid. We should place restrictions on the blade manufacturers and make it harder to get blades and if you can get them they’ll be real expensive.

    1. Idi Amin says:

      John B – Great idea. Then the “bad guys” will go over to Canada/Mexico and buy them there…and then ah-ah! we’ll catch them sneaking back across the border. Oops but our border security is not too good and we DEFINITELY don’t want to tighten the borders, do we….forget this whole thing…your idea sucks!

    2. wolfshades says:

      And another one misses the joke.

      1. babyfacemagee says:

        Actually it’s you who missed the joke. Problems detecting sarcasm?

    3. Gary Wayne Parker says:

      And with all the Cordless stuff out there today, he should have needed a Concealed Powersaw License! And I wonder if he was in simultaneous posession of Powersaws and Drugs? And did the Powersaw manufacturer have the proper warning labels on it? Lawsuit waiting to happen folks! Maybe his brother gave him that powersaw for Christmas! He would be an Accessory to Murder! There are gonna be a lot of people in trouble over this!And with all the Cordless stuff out there today, he should have needed a Concealed Powersaw License! And I wonder if he was in simultaneous posession of Powersaws and Drugs? And did the Powersaw manufacturer have the proper warning labels on it? Lawsuit waiting to happen folks! Maybe his brother gave him that powersaw for Christmas! He would be an Accessory to Murder! There are gonna be a lot of people in trouble over this!

  36. Bill from the STL says:

    I love this page!! Its better than SNL!! WAYYYY Funnier!

    1. Yikes says:

      I so wanna say something funny, but my president Mr. Barry TelePrompTerUsurperInChief told me I have to “tone down the rhetoric” .
      WORDS after all are nearly as dangerous as gas powered saws for $hit sake!
      Image the damage I could otherwise do here if I said something like say,,,,,
      Imagine this, a crosshair on a power saw !? Imagine the bloodshed

  37. DLind says:

    Oh what the hell. Let’s just ban life while we’re at it. Then we’d have no murder, no maiming, no “harming the environment,” etc etc.

  38. tool says:

    What about assault sawzalls?

  39. tool says:

    We should also outlaw armor-piercing blades

  40. Lighthorse says:

    I am 84 yesra old, a WWII veteran, my wife of 55 years passed away, and I am watching my wonderful nation going down hill because of terrible leadership. This power saw horror reflects the need for a way for death with dignity! Lots of elderly folks want to “check out” – – but how?

    1. J. Seinfeld says:

      Mr. Lighthorse – this was a good attempt at comedy, but was ruined when you wrote, “Lots of elderly folks want to “check out””. Why? Old people don’t say “check out” when referring to death.

    2. Jay Gomez says:

      You could go to McDonald’s in Baltimore…

      1. LSU-EM-MD says:

        Awesome post!

  41. StopWhiningAlready says:

    Saws don’t kill people, People who are behind on their rent and can’t afford good guns kill people.

  42. John Kerry says:

    Saws don’t kill people. People kill people

  43. Dopey says:

    I don’t own a circular saw but I have had this reoccuring dream where I stab my wife to death using corn holders. You know how many times you have to jab somebody with those little things before you start to get results…? Thousands, But it’s worth it… I mean in the dream it was.

  44. tool says:

    Libs want to ban saws because they have no self-respect or respect for others. Being a liberal is a way for people of low self-esteem to feel superior to others and to be with the “in” crowd. The anger you see from the obozombies and union hacks is merely a reflection of their own self-hatred and unhappiness. Not contenet in their own misery, they want everyone else to be miserable. Liberals are always cutting up.

  45. Amy says:

    If all of these highly intelligent conservatives put as much action as they do in theiir written thoughts, we could actually have some PROGRESS in the US. Unfortunately, they have too much downtime at work to educate all of us hillbilly liberals and accomplish nothing. Just wait for China to dominate in 2016 and sit back in your recliners, fellas!

    1. Pete Rose says:

      So we’re all wondering, since you wrote that all conservatives have too much downtime, obviously you’re a liberal and we all want to know, do you have a job? And secondly, who really cares if USA is No.1 or not? We don’t need to be No. 1 to be happy, do we?

    2. tool says:

      So, a lib finally admits they can’t do anything by themselves! They need The Government. Enjoy your slavery.

    3. Goldmember says:

      Amy, you are confusing. Hillbillys are traditionally very Conservative. They don’t think they know better than everyone else and are not typically overeducated. Liberals however, know they’re better and smarter than everyone else. So which is it for you?

  46. Jo Mama says:

    The Police SAW that coming

    1. Jeff says:

      badum bum! hilarious. too bad we couldn’t have gotten this guy to take his saw to the budget!

      1. Jeff says:

        Could have saved us an arm and a….leg?

        ok good game I’m leaving now.

  47. Heimy Lipschitz says:

    Enforce existing power saw laws, don’t punish those legal power saw owners

  48. Heimey Lipschitz says:

    Enforce existing power saw laws, don’t punish legal power saw owners

    1. The Bruce says:

      LOL, if you outlaw saws, only the outlaws will have them.

  49. hawkije says:

    Well clearly the only resolution is to quickly write up power saw laws, starting with a Ten day waiting peroid after an extensive background check to make sure you are not a repeat power saw offender.
    Only Chairman Maobama and the eleite Socialist govermnment can help us now!!!

  50. David says:

    Yes, I think that the government needs to issue Power Saw Control laws.. Because if we can just keep people from owning power saws than they will stop cutting off their legs.

    1. Chris says:

      I completely agree with some sort of regulation around dangerous tools, like powersaws and chainsaws. Unfortunately, there are sickos out there who will kill and injur other people with these weapons. We already have regulations around knives for example. You can’t carry a concelaed knife longer than 6 inches. I am not saying we need to regulate everything (although that would be nice) but powertools that can hurt people is a great start. You conservatives just think you can go around and shoot everyone without any consequence to your actions. GO OBAMA 2012!!!! YAY

      1. Greg Randall says:


      2. Hagar the Horrible says:

        Chris, power tools are not weapons. Powertools are tools. Where would you live without powertools? Go live under a rock.

    2. Steve says:

      What!? Chris you think the govt should regulate everything? And I esp like how you show your ingnorance by being so stereotypical. Since when do “all” conservatives think they can shoot anyone and not pay the consequence for it? I’m pro gun but sure as heck think you should be held accountable outside of shooting in self defense. I guess there goes your “all” theory. Whatever happened to land of the FREE and home of the brave. Chris makes it sound like Land of whatever the govt wants and home of the sheep.

    3. Adam says:

      We should have cameras in every part of society, inside homes, bathrooms to enable us to regulate everything.


    4. Steve says:

      Adam, please, please, PLEASE tell me you were joking with that comment.

    5. Adam says:

      I don’t think i could have laid the sarcasm on any thicker.

      I was absolutely joking.

      The concept of regulating everything is absurd.

    6. Caleb says:

      Chris, I’m moderate and even lean left sometimes, but you sir sound like a complete fool! Left or Right!

  51. SteveC says:

    I know, this page is hysterical! Especially the post submitted early on.

  52. George W. Axl Rosebush says:

    Blame the power saw? Feh! Everyone knows it…is…Bush’s fault!!

    1. Steve says:

      Don’t forget the shadowy Jewish cabal which controls the power saw industry.

    2. dusty209 says:

      Oh come on, you know it was all those violent video games. It was the evil capitalists they sold him the games and planted the ideas in his brain. So sad what a victim this guy is.

    3. Steven says:

      You have to blame all of the SAW movies.. That is how he got the idea.

  53. WAYNE M says:


  54. kevin says:

    They can have my circular saw when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

  55. LuvLivinginMass says:

    You’re all so ignorant! The problem isn’t saw control in Massachusetts, it’s the fact that any dummy can cross the border into redneck New Hampshire where they can buy saws right over the border – without even a license to carry one!

    Oh yeah, I know what all you 2nd Amendment whackos are going to say: “Waah. Don’t take away our saws! If he didn’t kill himself with a saw, he would’ve done it with a drill press! Waah!”

    Well you know what? All of you NSA and SOAL of Massachusetts right-wing saw-nuts can go to hell!!

  56. JustAGuy says:

    Blah! All those NRSA (National Power Saw Association) racist neocon NASCAR hicks who’s at fault!

  57. that guy says:

    If you outlaw power saws, then only the outlaws will have power saws.

    1. Steve says:

      Saws don’t kill people; people kill people.

    2. Adam says:

      As steve said: people kill people.

      Regardless of the regulations put in place individuals will use alternative weapons to attack places like the discovery channel when they believe the world is going to melt and no one is doing anything about it.

      1. Termite says:

        Adam – Hands can be used as weapons. Should we regulate hands? What about feet?

    3. Seth Bullock says:

      Couple things:

      I recently received my concealed saw permit, after completing my saw safety class. I prefer to carry a cordless saw for silhouette reasons.

      Also, I’m thrilled to live in a Construction Doctrine state. One that allows me to use my saw on anyone attempting to enter my building site without a permit.

      Don’t forget, God made people, But Raymond DeWalt made them equal!

  58. RetiredArmyguy says:

    We Obviously we need a congressional commission to study the matter. The lead paint in the Chinese made saw was to blame, this never would have happened with a saw built by Union Labor!

  59. tea baggin the left daily says:

    This is a refreshing and entertaining comment section, alot of these jokes are legitiment fears and arent to far off the horizon. Thanks for the laughs

  60. Steve says:

    A new czar heading our way

  61. Mike Landry says:

    More saws less crime

  62. zombierocket says:

    Ask any Democrat… BUSH DID IT.

  63. zombierocket says:

    OMG – Thanks CBS… now power saws will be banned.

  64. eattheapple says:

    Well, here are a couple of subtle differences between a gun and a power saw. It is pretty hard to kill someone with a power saw from 100 feet away. It is much easier to kill more than one person with a gun, and you can do it more quickly. But…always nice to check in here and see from the comments that the neanderthal dna is alive and wellin America.

    1. excaliph says:

      Clearly you’ve never seen a Maine paper mill bandsaw. When the paper industry collapsed up there many of them went “missing”.


    2. Steve says:

      Wow, it appears we all overlooked that… Thanks for clearing it up apple.

      Hey e’rbody! Hey e’rbody! These guns and power saws are not the same thing.There are some “subtle differences” we haven’t taken into consideration!

    3. Termite says:

      I could throw it at you and hit you in the head at that distance

      1. WaddellKid says:

        Need stricter regulations on those throwing saws; make them heavier and they must be tethered to the workbench.

  65. zombierocket says:

    OMG Global Warming did it!!!

  66. drifter504 says:

    Do I need a class 3 license for my chain saw?

    1. Steven says:

      What about the Red and Yellow saw?

  67. excaliph says:

    Would the one-saw-a-month law have stopped this?

  68. excaliph says:

    Power saws have no business in anyone’s hands outside of the military and police. They have no sporting purpose and are designed for one thing only, to kill trees as quickly as possible. No one needs anything more than a handsaw.

    Contact your legislator now and demand sensible saw restrictions!

  69. U. Tom says:

    He was just an angry man, clinging to his religion and saw…..

  70. says:

    This is not as uncommon as one would think. If not for a power failure my brother in-law would be dead also.

    1. Adam says:

      I hope you’ve gotten him help.

    2. Billy Goat says:

      OMG! ROLFL!

  71. Emoto says:

    Let’s all calm down and try to imagine what that poor family is going through right now. I mean, that blade is probably ruined!

    1. Okie Dokie says:

      Emoto, if I hadn’t already swallowed the gopher I was eating, I’d have spewed it all over my screen. Now I’m going to think about that poor blade all day long. Oh the humanity!

    2. spiff says:

      Hey, we must remember to never let a tragedy go to waste.

      1. Elvis says:

        Never a truer was has been spoken…

  72. jl says:

    we need a saw sarz, annual salary of 200k per year.
    a permit to buy, tax to own, license to operate and fee to despose of.
    billions for educations and carbon foot print damage of all saws.

  73. Okie Dokie says:

    Power saws are not to be taken lightly. I had an uncle who destroyed a Nazi tank with a 7-1/2″ Craftsman. He would have taken out the entire Wehrmacht if the cord had been longer.

  74. gemshews says:

    We should ban power it’s self , that way green jobs would be created , and it would also render power saws useless.

  75. Dino says:

    Would I have to register my jig saw as well? or would that still be legal to own without a permit?

    1. David Davidson says:

      You can register it with the Criminal Lumber History Board on a SA-10 Form

  76. proczach says:

    Dear God ! Leave some teddy bears at the scene quick !

  77. Sammy says:


  78. Sue Everyone says:

    Keep the saws legal, but tax the saw blades at 1000%! The founding fathers didn’t expect saws to be so powerful in 2011. They didn’t intend to for everyone to have one of these dangerous things in their homes. They needed them to live (building log cabins, etc.) This recreational saw use is unconstitutional!

  79. Markus says:

    These are some of the best comments ever written about anything. Yes the story is a tragic crime, I’m not suggesting anything else. But really, the comments are hysterical.

  80. DeWalt says:

    I understand the logical push to regulate power tools, especially in this case. After all, the Constitution clearly states the man had a right to keep and bear arms. It makes no mention of legs.

  81. Bugs says:

    It’s pretty hard to be compassionate when you read a dozen similar stories every single day – people killing themselves and each other, one at a time or by the thousands. Eventually, you come to believe it’s business as usual. You think “Maybe that’s just the way the world is. Maybe death is part of life. Maybe it’s been this way since human beings first appeared and maybe giving a d**n doesn’t do any good.” How many murder/suicides do we read about every year? And we’re supposed to shed a tear for every single one? I don’t think so. Murder/suicide is like traffic noise. It’s the background rumble that other people hear as they get on with their lives. If this guy had offed himself with a pistol, I would shrug. The only thing that makes his story interesting is his unique method of achieving his quietus. Plenty of dead guys around. Not too many Skilsaw themselves to death. Points for style and originality.

    Who would I weep over? Somebody I actually know. Then it would matter to me. Otherwise, I react with the socially-expected “Gosh, that’s too bad” and then forget all about it.

  82. Sgt. Rock of Easy Company says:

    Eat carbide, you commie swine!

  83. Bob B says:

    Wow, what is wrong with this country, is that ever a-hole with an opinion thinks they are a brain surgeon. The problem with you whiny conservatives is that every single incident has to be a political issue. Way to prove your political points over the body’s of a slain family and a really sick individual.

    So sad!

    1. WaddellKid says:

      If a person isn’t still alive to hear himself be made fun of, is it still making fun? Conservatives find something to make fun of from every political event; liberals find something political in every event, and are then made fun of by conservatives.

    2. James says:

      It is NOT conservatives who typically make everything a political issue. Liberals are far ahead of the curve with that one. Notice that every conservative making a snide comment here is making mock suggestions of the type we expect liberals would make in the mistaken belief that it would somehow make us all safer. And every time there is a tragedy, liberals come out of the woodwork clamoring for some new law, regulation, or for an apology from conservatives who somehow must have caused it. (The recent Tucson tragedy for example, which every liberal across the country immediately blamed on Republicans and the Tea Party, for reasons that still make absolutely no logical sense).

      If you think that we conservatives are politicizing everything, maybe it’s just because after so many years of this nonsense we’re finally learning to think like liberals in order to fight back.

  84. Emoto says:

    This is such a sad story. I mean, that blade was probably completely ruined.

  85. FAY says:

    This isn’t about a power saw, this man murdered his wife and dogs, and took his own life, because he was in trouble, couldn’t pay his rent, money all gone, and just couldn’t handle it anymore. Not everyone who owns a power saw is planning on killing his family. He couldn’t cut it.

  86. Ned Schnittt says:

    Power Saw Maimings should be SAFE, LEGAL, and RARE.

    1. Elvis says:

      Excellent…Ned is trying to lead the group to a new train of thought…the thinking behind pro/con Abortion!

  87. ChrisW says:


  88. Wb says:

    Lets get serious!, Ban all people with hands, then these dangerous power tools would not get picked up in the first place…….

  89. Henry Burlingame III says:

    Power saws are useful. We need to ban legs.

  90. Jason says:

    Right now, you know at least 2 democrats in boston are thinking of the fee’s they can collect by licensing my makita sawzall.

  91. Saws R Bad says:

    Forget about new laws about power saws, we just need to shut off the electricity and outlaw the sale of generators so that the saw owner can’t make their own electricity. The combination of electricity and power saws should not be available to the general public.

  92. jaydee says:

    Wow ignorance is bliss here. Guns sure do make killing easier. How about I have a gun and you plug in your power saw, guess who wins? Your analogy’s show your short sightedness

    1. Billy Goat says:

      Depends on which way the opponents are facing and how far apart they are standing when they start fighting. If they’re chin to chin, my money’s on the saw guy

  93. zocko says:

    Another casualty of the Bush Cheney taxcuts that decimated public safety laws and prevented the manufacturer from posting a “Warning:Saw May Cut Leg” if used improperly.

  94. Elmer says:

    As a lifelong handsaw owner, I think no one should be allowed to own a saw with this much power. One pull of the trigger on these can spin thirty razor sharp teeth at thousands of RPM. The only purpose of a SkilSaw is to kill, while Home Depot profits off the carnage.

    1. Thor says:

      when I was a kid, I didn’t have a hand saw. We used to cut down trees with a herring. Granted it was sharpened, but it was still a herring.

  95. Patrick says:

    You can take away my power saw when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

    Which should be easy, because, I’m not good with a power saw, so the saw and my severed hands will be on the floor of my garage.

    But, still!!!

  96. BanTheSaws says:

    We all know that it is American saws that keep winding up in the hands of Mexican construction gangs.

  97. adam says:

    Everyday I wake up and hope we can become more like canada, where i can be arrested for saying something.

  98. Jay says:

    We must examine this assault saw and figure out what features can be removed to make it safer. Perhaps microstamping the saw blades. Did it have a mass compliant loaded blade indicator?

    1. Ted says:

      We need to do forensic testing of every saw blade before it leaves the manufacturer and create a national database with this information in it. That way when if more of these incidents occur we can trace it back to the owner and then sue the manufacturer.

    2. Billy Goat says:

      The blade! Remove the blade! (and the power source)

  99. Bob says:

    The family should sue the saw manufacturer… There probably was no warning label noting one could die while attempting to cut their leg off.

  100. Moneyman54 says:

    Isn’t it races? Maybe raciest. I dunno…………

  101. lickmyballs says:

    This story makes me want to play some “Gears of war”

  102. Mel Lingerman says:

    The 2nd Amendment does NOT protect the owning of power saws. BAN THEM ALL NOW!

  103. tremayfreon caudwell says:

    not only is more control of power tools required–and that immediately as it will save the lives of 200 children per day–the “tool show” loophole needs be closed. too many people violate the “five day” wait on power tools by purchasing their illegal power tools at these “one weekend only” motel visit trade shows. kids too. kids are buying illegal power tools at “tool shows”; then going out and doing work which might be done by obama-supported union thugs.

  104. Tom says:

    I think this incident has highlighted the need to raise taxes on chainsaws so we can create a social campaign to make you feel better about your chainsaw.

  105. John Delaney says:

    Barracks Hussein Obummer claims he “saw ” it coming.

  106. Kimbo says:

    Will the Saw be tried as an adult?

  107. Oddbod says:

    Not All Saw Carriers Are Republicans

    1. Larry says:

      I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.

  108. Linz says:

    Not to worry…….President Oblowme has just established a “Power Saw Czar” to regulate and control this abhorant behavior, and the first issue will be new low-voltage saws that will save whales, the rain forest, the pygmies that live there, and all of Mother Earth…..Van Jones wildly approves. This racist promulgation of the Tea Party must halt immediately, because women and minorities are most drastically affected. Thank you…………and good night.

  109. Saw Control Now says:

    What we need and need NOW is a million Mom March on the white house demanding common sense saw control. And every saw sold should have a padlock in the box so everyone will be safe.

  110. beernut$ says:

    All y’all are missing the most important thing here. It’s Geprge Bush’s fault. If it wasn’t for the 8 years he was president this never would have happened. There would be peace throughout the galaxy, we would not use oil as a source of energy, and all the creatures of the earth would be living in complete harmony and listening to Wild Stalions’ music. peace out.

  111. chump says:

    WOW, Boston comments sure reflect your state and the direction she tilts.
    Makes sense to me now how you could elect Ted Kennedy.

  112. Ryan Mouk says:

    Hopefully this sick waste suffered before he died.

  113. Jay says:

    You know, open power saw carry would have prevented this.

  114. powersaw says:

    Oh come liberals.. have you ever sawed through someones legs? An arm maybe? You dont even know what its like… Oh to have the blood spray through the air in such a fine mist.. its soooo erotic. Dont blame me I was born this way. Its an addiction… nay …a compulsion.. but dont knock it before you try it.

  115. Eileen (or Irene in Chinese) says:

    Good thing the man died…his court defense didn’t have a leg to stand on.

  116. Jeff Harper says:

    crazy is as crazy does

  117. rfpowerdude says:

    A saw armed society is a polite society.

  118. jojo says:

    uh oh, I have an ‘old’ ‘high-capacity’ saw built before 1985… good thing the serial number was filed off by the last owner…

  119. HooDatIS? says:


  120. Hannibal says:


    I live in Medford and the Chief is a real ass and won’t let me get a SID Card LTC( License to Cut) Unrestricted. Can I take him to court?

  121. ATG says:

    You people are terrible!

    A man died. Two dogs, a women. Do you realize the net reduction in carbon emissions!
    this is a glorious day for The Cult Of Global Warming

  122. StopDV says:

    Jeeze. Are you guys serious!?!? All of these comments are rude and terrible! You have no idea what the officers are now having to cope with and the grusome event. It is not a “Funny” or woman based event. Blaming the SAW movies. Are you serious. This was a terrible event and you guys need to understand that. Jeeze. No love or soul

    1. Hagar the Horrible says:

      Gosh, Stop DV is right! Youze guys are all idiots! The only thing needing to be banned are the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie series. He wouldn’t have thought of violence without seeing these horrible movies.

      1. Ted says:

        I think I saw a kid at best buy playing a video game that allowed him to kill zombies with chainsaws and sledge hammers. We need to ban video games and sue best buy for promoting this.

    2. Buckeroo says:

      The officers will certainly suffer emotional harm from the fact that the suicide perp acted too quickly and they didn’t get to beat, taze, gas, grenade, restrain, shoot, and burn his house down before he cut his own leg off. Suicide is the cowards way out.

  123. God says:

    Instead of cutting off his leg, this fellow should have cut off his other leg!

  124. Riot says:

    I don’t know if Adam was kidding or not but I think the bathroom thing could be a good idea. One time, when I was in the bathroom I had the most horrible experience. I would appreciate it if the gov’t would keep it from happening again. I was so constipated I thought I would die. If Obama would regulate the size of… well… you know….. then I would not have any more near death experiences. Who knows how many countless other victims could be saved by this kind of regulation? Millions, probably.

  125. D-Man says:

    With all the so-called psychics out there, how come nobody “saw” this coming.
    “Where the hail is Dion Warwick when ya needs her?”

  126. Richard L Williams says:

    Saws don’t kill people. People kill people……….

  127. Richard says:

    THe Bruce = Love It……….

  128. NewOrleansAnn says:

    “Police are now trying to positively identify Jetti Lincoln through her dental records.

    It’s not known if that was a factor in the murder-suicide”

    Her dental records may have been a factor in the murder suicide?

    1. Termite says:

      Another example of the failure of our public school systems to teach. And the writer likely even graduated from one of our esteemed universities of higher education and still can’t write! Depressing.

  129. Greg Randall says:

    I bet if Obama wasn’t president they’d be alive today

  130. Evenzer says:

    It was probably one of those cop-killer, saturday night special saws.

  131. Madball says:

    Rosenthal will have a new billboard on Fenway by weeks end to “close the saw loop hole at home depot” nice neon saw on a black background.

  132. TooCon says:

    I hate it when people go all to pieces like this.

  133. NoHopeandLessChange says:

    Obama is going to prevent this horrible tragedy from ever happening again by making sure that electricity becomes totally unaffordable to those who are behind on their rent. Thanks Barry!

  134. NorCalPatriot says:

    I understand that this saw was purchased at a weekend tool show where just anyone can walk up and buy a saw without any background checks. This is not a national problem, it is a local problem.

    “God made man…. Black and Decker made ’em equal.

  135. Robx says:

    I blame Bob Villa he has been glorifying power tools for decades, he knew people like this were out there and he just was out to make a buck. Also if you remember Bush was always showing off by dismembering defenseless trees with his chainsaw on his red neck ranch in Texas!!! Why wont they finally put that criminal away where he can no longer harm the good working people of this country. Obama inherited the Power Tool Nation from Chimpy McBush Jr!!!!!

  136. Tttthhhheeee Bosssss says:

    If saws are regulated, only regulators will own saws.

  137. Crazy loon says:

    I bet the dogs were alive until the cops showed up.

    1. Tim says:

      Then he made it a “three dog night”

  138. ron says:

    a power saw is just a tool. think about it.

  139. Slingblade says:

    What about all of the saws in our schools?

  140. Pat M says:

    The saw did not kill them, the blade did.

  141. NotPropagandized says:

    Has anyone considered pornography? Or maybe vampire pornography. It’s just what these kids watch these days. Had no idea that mature Vermonters were getting into the game. Such a shame. I’ll bet he started looking at ankles under long dress hems.

  142. Bam says:

    What I hope is that Mr. Lincoln here did not get an unnecessary hip replacement surgery under a Commonwealth Care disbursement, right before he went and sliced off his leg. That’s the type of tragedy we want to avoid.

  143. Sibb says:

    Ban the power saw, they only have one purpose and that’s cutting!!!! Oh the horror!!

  144. LoneStar says:

    no no no no- it’s not about the saw. He was behind on his rent, and I suppose the evil Conservative Landlord wanted an arm and a leg…
    … and OMGosh-
    it seems dental records also may be hazardous: “Police are now trying to positively identify Jetti Lincoln through her dental records. It’s not known if that was a factor in the murder-suicide.”

  145. Tim says:

    What’s the big deal, it’s not like he cut off his head. And he has another leg.

  146. Rob says:

    His rent was probably costing him an arm and a leg.

    So many questions to be answered:

    – What is properly trained in how to use a power saw?
    – Did he have a need for the power saw?
    – Was he a suitable person to possess a power saw?

  147. shocked2deathT___T says:

    whats wrong with u ppl he killed his wife and two inocent animals then himself
    just so he wouldnt deal with the consiquences

  148. shocked2deathT___T says:

    thats not fair to the victims at all T____T

  149. 10 says:


  150. coolsox44 says:

    Two police officers walk into a house and the owner asks, “I’m having chicken, what would you like?” One officer says, “I want a thigh.” The other syas, “I’ll have a leg.”

  151. Disgusted says:

    I can’t believe these heartless, moronic comments by so many people. What a disgrace. Two people are dead after a gruesome murder – suicide. What’s wrong with you people? What if it were a member of your family or a friend? Would you think it funny then? Better yet go cut off your own leg and see if you still think it’s funny. What a bunch of morons.

  152. tortillapete says:

    On the plus side, he did remember to wear eye protection…

  153. Black Knight says:

    It was just a flesh wound…

  154. mike 88 says:


  155. the pledge says:

    If everyone would just take the pledge not to kill other people for any reason, just adopt this as a basis of behavior, we would evolve to higher beings.

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