BOSTON (CBS) – About 20 cars were hit over a ten-mile stretch of Interstate 93 during a low-speed chase at the height of rush hour Tuesday morning.

It began just before 7:30 a.m. when police tried to stop the driver of a green 1998 Toyota Avalon after it was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run on 93 south near Montvale Avenue in Woburn.

In a statement, police said the chase started at about 70 miles an hour, but “slowed considerably as it got into traffic on the highway” and the Avalon hit several vehicles.

“The Avalon entered and exited the HOV lane several times. At one point, the suspect vehicle struck the cruiser as it re-entered the HOV lane.”

The pursuit ended when the Avalon stopped on the Zakim Bridge in Boston.

“The suspect vehicle struck approximately 20 vehicles during the pursuit. No injuries were reported other than that suffered by the suspect,” police said.

They took him into custody, but have not released his name. He’s described as a 47-year-old man from Lawrence who may have had a “medical condition.”

All but one lane on the bridge was closed after the chase. Traffic was backed up for miles.

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  1. Momtotwo says:

    This was someone I know. To all the people at the scene who yelled at him that you hoped he would die and the police who were rough because you all thought he was drunk…he went into a diabetic crisis and blacked out hitting the cars. This was his first diabetic episode and he was on his way to MGH because he was not felling well. He is very sorry that he hit the cars and wishes it never happened. He is in pretty rough shape. He never would have drove if he knew about diabetes and how it could get so low. He was given all kinds of tests and screens and didn’t have one drop of alchohol in him..of course I knew that anyway because he is not a drinker..especially at 7:00am in the morning heading to MGH. I really hope none of you go through a medical crisis and have people shouting at you to die.

    1. Martin says:

      I know about these diabetic episodes because
      in June of 1992 the driver of a pickup van had one,
      went off the road, up my driveway, and totaled my car before
      crashing into the side of my house. People are too quick to jump
      to conclusions.

  2. BJD says:

    Momtotwo, I hope you are correct, but please realize that low blood sugar resulting from Diabetes has the same sort of symptoms as alcohol. I could understand why people would think he was drunk if he blacked out and wouldn’t pull over. It also wouldn’t surprise me that someone could be drunk at 7am, happens every day.
    I hope he gets well soon and controls his diabetes better if he is going to be driving.

  3. PJS says:


  4. Demetri says:

    The State Trooper cannot tell a diabetes episode from OD. He simply did as he was trained and I hope called an ambulance. For those of you whom had to wait, it could have been YOU! I once observed a car slowly stop on Rt 3. I approached with caution only to see a man collasped over the wheel. I put th car in park and called for an ambulance. He had just left the VA hospital and should have remained. he survived.

  5. avsavsavs says:

    this situation is just plain sad. i hope this guy gets the help he needs and i’m glad everyone else sitting on 93S (myself included) for hrs this morning is doing ok.

  6. jJlmcinn4 says:

    Family Member home with kids while others are in with him. Just can’t sit here seeing him bashed while he did not have one drop of alcohol or drugs and it was confiirmed by his Drs. (who told him to go in the am because he wasn’t feeling well) that his sugar was in low 40s. He never knew about this sugar problem either or he wouldn’t have driven himself.

  7. 1stackmack says:

    is this LA or boston.

  8. John Howard says:

    I have had Type 1 (Juvenile) diabetes for 43 years, and these are not “diabetic episodes”. It is a reaction to low blood sugar, and this driver should have known enough to ask for help, even if it was his first encounter with this condition. Hopefully, he learns from this encounter and learns not to drive in this situation.

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