BOSTON (AP) — A new study has found that one out of every four middle school students in Massachusetts has endured bullying at school.

The study by the state Public Health Department and released Thursday also found that 16 percent of high school students reported being bullied.

The study of about 6,000 students in 138 public schools was conducted in 2009.

The report found a link between bullying and violence in the home. Students who said they had been involved in bullying, either as perpetrator or victim, were five times more likely to report they had been hurt physically by a family member.

State Public Health Commissioner John Auerbach tells The Boston Globe the findings will help his agency train counselors and educators to better pinpoint and deal with bullying.

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Comments (2)
  1. mary says:

    I’ve always believed that kids who perpetrate violence on other kids, are somehow exposed to it themselves, at home, and that’s how they get back, by picking on someone else. I think the families of these bullies should be lnvestigated.

  2. emom says:

    This is incredible, it takes a report like this to tell folks the ovbious.,,, I have said it before,, bullies are raised at home by other Bullies,,,,, I have seen it and known a few,,,, Had been bullied by some growing up and they lived a very rough life, being bullied by siblings, parents never paying attention to them, making them feel unloved, having constanced fighting amongst each other… and even as much as physical abuse, Maybe with this info they can now look into Why they are a bully…. Teachers will need to watch it from a young age , maybe it can be monitored some how, I know its a lot to take on, But with the ever growing bulling happening today and the cruel behavior amongst kids, something has to be done, Maybe in time it will be not as a problem… But we have to start somewhere.

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