Gresh & Zo discuss the epic Boston BruinsMontreal Canadiens Game 4 playoff game that ended with the B’s winning 5-4 in overtime. Was this a justifying win for Claude Julien? How about the unexpected heroes, Chris Kelly and Michael Ryder? And, did Milan Lucic, Tomas Kaberle and Tim Thomas recover from the Jekyl/Hyde series they’ve played so far?

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  1. Dwight says:

    Check out the Ference pictures and video:

  2. Stephen Mill says:

    Gresh just captured a small child…. gonna eat it how do I prepare it? I see your a professional slob so I know will have the info. PIG

  3. Pellucid says:

    I love your blog, you should add instructions for the RSS feed feature so I can get automatic notifications of new blogs. If you can help me set it up please email me! Ii will bookmark you for now. Again Excellent Blog!

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