By Peg Rusconi, WBZ-TV

CHARLTON (CBS) – Like many kids in Charlton, 9-year-old Amy Sharron knows her way around a soccer pitch.

And she knows the one on Bond Road is in rough shape.

“On the tire marks, it’s just hard to kick,” said Sharron.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports.

Some time between Saturday’s game and Monday morning, someone went on a destructive joy ride on the field owned and operated by Charlton Youth Soccer. The culprit left a widespread tangle of tread marks and damage done by what police believe were all terrain vehicle tires.

“The thing you get worried about is, are kids gonna twist an ankle on these ruts,” said Richard Thomas, a board member of Charlton Youth Soccer.

The field has been patched up temporarily, and should be ready for weekend games. But it will have to be redone after the season ends in June. The damage estimate is unclear, but officials say it’s at least $1000, which means this crime is a felony.

“The whole thing about this is there’s hard money that’s been raised and a lot of donated hours to get the fields where they are today and then for somebody to come in here with total disregard for all that… is just terrible,” said police chief James Pervier.

Thomas said it’s community events such as car washes and sponsorships from local businesses that help raise money for the field and the soccer program.

Said Thomas, of whomever caused the damage, “For this person, I would say look within themselves and what purpose does this serve? Nothing.”

About 600 kids play on this field. At least one of them is taking it personally.

“I feel angry mad sad, it’s just not right,” said Amy Sharron.

She makes a point.

Police are hoping someone will tip them off to the culprit.


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