By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

SALEM (CBS) – A baby, just weeks old, was attacked and police say his father is responsible.

Salem police say Dario Finkel snapped and tried to stop his son’s crying by stuffing a baby wipe in his mouth.

Police say when that didn’t work, Finkel threw his son on the floor twice, and then tossed him to his wife who was standing four feet away.

The baby boy is now recovering at Salem hospital and his father faced a judge Wednesday morning.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports.

His wife Jennifer Finkel told officers she waited until her husband fell asleep before writing him a note where she says she’s leaving him because he hit her and their seven-week old son, Michael.

She then snuck out to a friend’s apartment and called police.

Baby Michael was taken to Salem hospital with bruises around his mouth, legs and feet.

Finkel was arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault and child endangerment.

The judge also granted Jennifer a one-year restraining order against him.

No one answered at the couple’s apartment in Loring Towers.

A neighbor says she never saw the signs of abuse and is grateful Dario Finkel has been ordered to stay away.

“I’m horrified and i hope he’s not allowed back in his this building and that’s disgusting that someone could do that to their child,” says Stephanie Rita.

Baby Michael is recovering at Salem hospital. Police say his injuries are not life threatening.

The judge granted Jennifer full custody of her son.

Finkel will sit in jail for a week. There’s a hearing scheduled for next week that will determine whether he’s too dangerous to be let out.

Comments (6)
  1. emom says:

    REALLY NOW<< SNAPPED what was he going thru post partum blues,,,, snapped,,, what a short fuse he has,, TAKE HIS PARENTHOOD card away, and throw the book at him… THERE IS NO EXCUSE.. this was an innocent baby,,, give him a very long time in jail… chance for parole for more than 20 years, make it longer,,,, I so hope this child will be alright as well as the mother… For any person to abuse an adult is bad enough but to harm a child there is no lenght of time in jail that would be concidered justic…… MAKE IT 50 YEARS. MAKE OTHERS AFER…………..

  2. Denise says:

    Well let’s hope this sicko got his jollies this time… because prisoners don’t like people who hurt little kids. He might just found out what defenseless really means!

  3. Denise says:

    Cinder – just because you think it’s that “easy” to walk away for a bad situation doesn’t mean it is. You can ask yourself why ANYONE would stay in an abusive relationship – but they do! and when/if something happens where the abuser gets arrested the abused person usually sticks up for them. It doesn’t make sense to me either – but instead of throwing her under the bus for having low selfesteem and insecurities maybe you should have stepped in and offered to help her! Those that know about abuse and do or say nothing are worse than those that stay in it out of fear for themselves and their families – because my guess is abusers threaten to kill them and their families if and when they leave or “tell”! Now that she’s free of him – lets hope she and the baby will make a better life for themself! As for him – I hope he enjoyes being thrown on the floor and having things stuffed in his mouth too!

  4. Someone says:

    I agree with Denise 100% I know Dario, Jenna and the baby! she was terrified of him! so before you assume that she shouldnt have the baby u should know all the facts and yes if u have known him since he was little then why wouldnt u reach out to them? instead of sitting back and watching everything go down then talk trash about the mom???? are u kidding? he is the one that tried to kill something so tiny….not her. So please all the trash talking is not needed unless u know ALL the facts not just what u hear on the news! Thanks

  5. MBTApassenger says:

    I used to see this couple on the bus all the time. I never personally talked to them but other passengers did so I felt like I knew them a little. I never saw any signs of spousal abuse but I was always concerned the way they were awfully gruff with the baby. The mother did not support the child’s head and neck the way you should with a newborn.

  6. MBTApassenger says:

    Also, I was under the impression that this couple may have had some developmental disabilities. I worked with high functioning folks with developmental disabilities for 5 years while in college so I have some experience with this.

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