Gresh & Zo talked about the Boston Celtics game 2 win over the New York Knicks. It’s perception vs reality, are the Celtics really this close to the Knicks or is this still the same old championship team?

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  1. Scott Lee says:

    Guys, please don’t equate Carmelo to Bird.

    The big difference is that when Bird would “go off”, his team would win.
    Carmelo is at best in the Dominique or the early Jordan class.

    Remember when the Celtics used to emply the strategy of, let Jordan get his points, let the other guys watch. It worked for everyone in the league until Bird, Magic, and even Isiah got old.

    Best playoff performances against the Celtics:
    Jordan 63 points
    Wilkins 47 points
    Lebron James 45
    Jerry West 43 points, 13 rebounds, 12 assists
    Wilt 30 points, 32 rebounds

    Lots of points, great efforts, incredible performances…..and all ended in losses.

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