Curious Why Birds Keep Flying Into Windows

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Robins fly into windows thinking they're seeing rivals.

Robins fly into windows thinking they’re seeing rivals.

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TEWKSBURY (CBS) — After our long, tough winter, robins are a reassuring sign of spring. But they’re also raising a question.

Marie from Tewksbury Declared her Curiosity asking, “What causes a robin to fly into my windows for weeks every spring?”

Turns out it’s because at this time of year birds’ thoughts turn to love and they try to protect their space.

WBZ’s Todd Gutner reports.

Chris Leahy of Mass Audubon explains male birds become territorial, and by singing they advertise they want to mate. But that singing also tells other birds to stay out of his space, said Leahy.

When they see themselves in a window something happens. “They don’t perceive that this is a reflection. They think it’s a rival, and they will attack this reflection,” said Leahy.

It should end in a few weeks when breeding season is over, but it will start up again in late summer when the second breeding season begins.

Experts say birds probably won’t hurt themselves doing this.

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