The Boston Bruins went into Montreal and took game 3 from the Canadiens. Toucher & Rich spoke with Joe Haggerty about the win and the calls by Jack Edwards.

Was Haggerty surprised that Claude Julien didn’t really make any changes for game 3? Will Julien replace Michael Ryder with Tyler Seguin in game 4?

How much does the game 3 win change Haggerty’s opinion of this series?

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  1. Ron says:

    Did you watch the game? Rider was skating around doing nothing and Recchi cant even keep up? I think there is a couple of spots for Tyler Seguin …

  2. Buddy says:

    Just another case of the Bruins not knowing how to use the talent they have never mind giving them the support they need. Sequin will eventually be traded like Thornton. Big Joe has flourished since departing Boston and much is to blame on the current owners and coahes of the Boston Ruins.

    The bruins will lose game 4 and come home to be embarrased like last year. Hey the jacob’s faily and Neeley could care less. It’s all about selling lot’s of hot dogs and being an okay team. Julien needs to go, the Jacobs family should sell the team to someone who wants to bring a cup to Boston. Neeley needs to go9 he is a puppet.

  3. deano says:

    Michael “Ghost” Ryder, continues to mystify me as to why he is ever allowed on the ice. Julien figure it out this guy is no Bruin and has absolutely no grit at all. Bench him and play Seguin because there is no way Seguin could be as bad as Ryder. Ryder not only took a stupid penalty last night, but did nothing to contribute in any fashion of the game. At 17:47 in the third period watch as Ryder slowly meanders his way off the ice during a line change. The Bruins already took a too many men on the ice penalty and Ryder is skating off the ice for the line change like he has all week. I am sick of this guy, he sucks, bench him.

  4. M.J. LeBlanc says:

    No need to knock the Jacob’s or Neely here. They have been near the top of the league in team salary the last 3 or 4 years. It’s not their fault the team doesn’t show up.

    I’m even more shocked you would take a shot at Neely”Buddy.” Do you see how fired up he gets during games, this guy is a local legend and there is no doubt he wants to see this team win a cup (something he couldn’t do).

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