The Boston Bruins are headed to Montreal down 0-2 in their series. Jimmy Murphy predicted that the Montreal Canadiens would win this series and it looks as though it might be true.

Murphy spoke with Toucher & Rich about what this Bruins team is doing wrong. The guys discussed Zdeno Chara missing game two because of severe dehydration due to an illness.

They also talked about Claude Julien, will he make any changes for game 3? What will the goaltending situation be and will he change the lines?

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  1. Buddy says:

    The bruins are done. Claude Julien needs to go. The two things the players and Julien have in common is inconsistency from one game to the next. They can’t score and some of the signings to me were not as good a transactions as many folks believed were.

    Look at the team as a whole. They show absolutely no toughness at all. Pack it up for the season like I did my game shirt. I am going to go and buy a montreal canadians jersey today. At least these guys show up and play hard one game to the next!!!!!!!

  2. Craig says:

    Nothing surprises me about what is happening to the Boston Bruins in the playoffs this year.
    When you have apathetic and ambiguous ownership for the past thirty-six years of a team that has problems evaluating skill, talent and character in its hockey players you get playoff failures. Until those intangibles are found in its owners, front office and coaching staff, the Bruins team will not be winning a Stanley Cup.
    It should be clear to all that winning a Stanley Cup is NOT a priority of this ownership. That should be clear to all fans after thirty-six years. You can spend ridiculous amounts of money on your hockey team, but if you don’t have management that can evaluate character, skill and talent you will still lose. The coaches system sucks for effective playoff hockey, that should now be crystal clear to everyone.

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