By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

COHASSET (CBS) – Against all odds a dog and her owners are reunited. After three weeks Cohasset police found 16 year-old Lucy on Thursday, she was trapped at the bottom of an embankment.

“It’s an emotional thing, an attachment,” says a teary eyed Rustam DeVitre who thought he’d never see his dog again after she went missing on March 23rd.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

“We didn’t realize she was probably following an animal. She went right out to the cliffs back there and she fell into a big crevasse and no one heard her and she couldn’t bark a lot” explains DeVitre.

Lucy ended up tangled in a bushel of thorns, barely able to move or eat for three weeks. Until Thursday when she made just enough noise for construction workers across the harbor to spot her and call police.

“She looked like she had been down there for a while…her fur was matted her nose was red raw and she couldn’t move she was weak and dehydrated,” says Officer Patrick Reardon, one of the two officers who rescued Lucy.

She was brought to the Hingham Animal Clinic where she is still recovering.

She’s already reunited with her owners and another very special member of her family, Millie, her 15 year old sister.

For now Millie will have to wait for Lucy to come home. DeVitre says the vet found no food in her stomach and she still struggles to stand on her own but at 16 she’s proven she’s resilient.

“She’s an amazing dog to survive this hard time and its good closure for us,”

Comments (6)
  1. Alicia Simpson says:

    Get well soon Lucy . Great job.

    1. Carolyn says:

      I watched the story on the news and it touched my heart. I hope Lucy recovers fully and is able to enjoy a happy reunion with Millie and her family, the DeVitres. It’s unbelievable that she survived this long without food and water and living exposed to the elements. She must have suffered terribly. I pray she will be OK. I’m a real animal lover and was very concerned for Lucy. In the future, I hope the DeVitres don’t let Lucy (or Millie) outside without a leash as it is much safer to accompany them on their outdoor bathroom breaks! Best not to take chances with your pets. And it would be a tragedy if this happened again – the odds are against it that she would be as lucky the next time. Good luck with everything! I’m rooting for you, little Lucy! : )

  2. Angela Letelier says:

    aww, brave Lucy!

  3. Jennifer Rivera says:

    get well Lucy. Is there a place we can send donations for her care

  4. Jane Evans-Wieder says:

    what kind of owners don’t make more of an effort to find their dog? The article mentions nothing of there serching for this dog. People are stupid and lazy whne it comes to proper care of their animals. Did they think she flew up to heaven? This dog suffered, who lets a 16 year of dog out with no one watching it? Millie beware.

    1. Shawn says:

      @ Jane . You only get to read what the media wants you to read. You do not know these peole nor do you know what they have or have not done to look for thier beloved friend. How easy and lazy of you to simply write something without getting off yout duff and getting the facts before passing judgement.

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