LOWELL (CBS) – Nearly 70 years after he was killed in action in the Pacific Ocean, a World War II veteran from Lowell will finally be laid to rest this weekend.

The military was recently able to positively identify the remains of  Airman 2nd Lt. Martin P. Murray, U.S. Army.  Back in 1943, the 21-year old Murray was among a crew of 12 that went missing.

WBZ-TV’s Ken Macleod reports

Their remains were discovered in 2007 in New Guinea.

Murray will be buried Saturday at St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Lowell after the hearse drives by his boyhood home.

About 30 family members are expected to attend.

He will receive full military honors.

Comments (9)
  1. Pandora says:

    G-d bless him.

  2. lieut dan's aunt says:

    welcome home lieut murray. it’s never too late to thank those who have served their country, those of the brokaw titled “greatest generation” or today’s young men & women. the numbers of lieut murray’s comrades is rapidly dwindling. i hope hometown america turns out to honor this man and his family. remember to honor them on memorial day. many of the greatest generation can’t make it to the parades anymore, so go for those who can’t. hope a bagpiper renders “going home” (which has the same melody as dvorak’s new world symphony). freedome isn’t free. rest in peace lieut, mission accomplished.

    1. R. Van Hoose says:

      Hear, hear!!!

  3. bob says:

    My gratitude to goes out to the Murray family. Unfortunately the Heroes never live to see and enjoy all the freedoms that their sacrifice has provided us with.

    Bob (Dorchester)

  4. Ellen says:

    I’m glad that full military honers will be given to Lt. Murray. He was after all a member of the Greatest Generation that this country ever known. Going through the Great Depression and then off to fight a World War. We should all be grateful for God giving us men like Lt. Murray who fought for the freedom of all.

  5. Roy C. Watson says:

    As a member of “The Greatest Generation”, I say well done comrad. RCW

  6. Kevin O'Connell says:

    God Bless and thank you from a very greatful citizen. Rest in Peace!

  7. Bob Malone says:

    Thank you and God Bless. Thanks to people like you, we are able to live the great life that we have.

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