LAWRENCE (CBS) – A Lawrence pastor who’s organizing a recall petition against the mayor claims he has received seven threats since word got out that he’s seeking signatures for a recall.

Reverend Edwin Rodriguez says he’s not afraid and he believes removing Mayor William Lantigua out of office is the right thing to do for the people of the city.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

Last year, the state voted to loan the city of Lawrence about $30 million to help it avoid bankruptcy. The pastor is demanding to know how that money was spent.

“We have an incompetent mayor who hasn’t come with a plan of how he’s going to solve the problems that we have,” says Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says more than 2,000 people have promised to sign the affidavit, but he won’t get the proper document from the city clerk’s office until later this week.

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  1. ireland60 says:

    Thank You Rev Rodriguez It is so sad that Lantigua has made a mockery of the mayors office. Lantigua promised that he would serve yhe voters & promised transparency & has NOT delivered on his promise. Lantigua has residents iliving in fear w/ the spike in crime. The only thing Lantigua has done is to provide 1st ex- wife Maggie Fawcett a job as a $35,000 per year parking clerk, current wife Myra Lantigua a job on the Lawrence licensing board, Current girlfriend Lorenza Ortega is a “Confidential Secretery” to personal director Frank Bonet another Lantigua bum kisser His kids have jobs w/ Lawrence Public Schools & other assorted friends & supporters jobs w/ the city. Where are our leaders of Massachusetts? This madness in Lawrence has to stop the state needs to step & complete a total takeover of Lawrence. The Lantigua administration’s 3rd world method of politics is not working. Where is the accounting of how Latigua spent the $35,000,000 Bailout Package? The taxpayers of Massachusetts have a right to know. When Lawrence fails to payback the Bailout loan every single city & town in Massachusetts is on the hook for at least $100,000 This madness needs to end now.

  2. Peggi T. Frias-Dominici says:

    and where Can I go and give my signature?

  3. says:

    He is a discrace to the Dominican population.

  4. Moliere says:

    What a shame ! where can i go and give my signature?

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