BOSTON (CBS) – An attorney says 13 people have now come forward claiming they were abused as children at Camp Good News, the Cape Cod summer camp where Senator Scott Brown spent time as a boy.

Boston attorney Mitchell Garabedian also told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Tuesday that three people who worked at the camp with Chuck Devita had told camp officials that they were suspicious about his relationship with children.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens talks to Garabedian

“One person contacted me and she told me that she saw Chuck Devita. She was working at the camp,” Garabedian said.

“She saw Chuck Devita with children frequently and she reported her concerns to the camp, although she did not see sexual abuse, she was always suspicious because Chuck Devita always seemed to be alone with little children.”

Devita killed himself earlier this month after being named as a possible child molester.

Garabedian said at least three of the 13 may have been alleged victims of Devita, but he would not say how many others may be accused.

“I’d say under five,” he said when asked how many alleged perpetrators he suspects worked at the camp.

Garabedian says he’s referred all of the people to State Police who are investigating the case.

A spokesperson for the camp released a brief statement Tuesday afternoon, responding to Garabedian’s announcement.

“Camp officials will tell their side of the story in an appropriate forum, rather than addressing these types of allegations in the media.”

The camp announced last Friday it will remain closed for the summer, saying it must “review every aspect of our operations before re-opening.”

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  1. Miguel Flores says:

    In my family we are very Sorry about it , We are very sad with what’s happening. We can’t believe it, many people are talking very badly about camp, we know many people that visited that Camp Good News for many years , they dont say anything bad , and I want to share our experience. My daughter went to camp for 7 years, and I don’t believe all that’s happening because we have… a different story. What I can tell you, is that for my daughter it was a life changing experience, my daughter has great memories of camp and staff, including Chuck DeVita, as a good man.

    I hope that this unfortunate situación comes to an end soon.

    1. Paul Berloty says:

      I have been to this camp for 7 years, and i have ONLY good feeling about it onl good reemember …. I from france, and i m so mad to see that evry one againe believe the TV MONEY

  2. Joe Blow says:

    The Camp advertises (falsely) that it is a Christian Camp. There have been many professing hardworking Christians who have kept the camp in business by essentially working summers for free. Unfortunately, the camp leadership has always been corrupt, lazy, dishonest, permissive of sexual improprieties among campers, staff and between campers and staff for decades, hypocritical and incompetent. The DeVita suicide is not the first at the camp but the second including the Stewart Brooks suicide. In 1985, Stewart Brooks (son of a Camp Director) drove to Sandwich Public Beach and burned himself alive in gasoline in his car while presumably under “treatment” by another Camp Doctor and Camp Director. There have also been a series of sex abuse settlements in past years and a car accident lawsuit settlement which left one camper reportedly paralyzed.

    Thank God and Good Riddance this terrible site of hypocrisy and den of pedophiles has had it accreditation stripped by the American Camping Association.

    1. Paul Berloty says:

      You are so funny to create story man …. Thanks to you you are detective yeah….

      you know that you are ignorent you just said what ever, sure you are american so you eat all those stupid tv show and stuff like that…. You never heard about this camp before and you are talking about it …. why ….?

  3. Aaron Greenhalgh says:

    I was a councelor at this camp for a summer and I have nothing but great memories from the camp. It is sad to hear these accusations and to hear about Chuck. In my experiences at camp I saw no indication from anyone that anything like this had went on or was going on. The summer I worked there was an amazing experience that brought me and many others closer to God, which was the whole ppurpose of the camp. I am not saying that these things didn’t happen in the past, but it would be a shame if this camp couldn’t continue to bring young children to God.

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