BOSTON (CBS) – With gorgeous spring temperatures here in New England, this weekend is a great time to visit some of Boston’s historic sites and monuments, which is possible now that Congress and the president have reached an agreement on a budget, avoiding a potentially disastrous government shutdown.

The Venzon family came to Boston this week all the way from Reno, Nevada to enjoy the sights and take in its rich history. For 11-year-old Coltin, it was his first time on-board the USS Constitution.

“The kids have been looking forward to this trip, so I’m glad that they could work things out and come to a compromise so we can enjoy our trip,” said Meg Venzon of Reno, Nevada.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports.

On Saturday, Sen. Scott Brown had a book signing in the historic town of Concord. The town canceled some of their scheduled festivities Saturday in light of the potential government shutdown.

“I just know that we can’t keep spending like we are and we have to get some type of certainty when it comes to our fiscal and financial future. So, I commend the leaders and the parties for getting together and it’s a good first step,” said Sen. Brown.

Charlestown resident Julia Geisman often walks her dog around Bunker Hill and is deeply concerned about about the direction this country is heading.

“I think the country is in significant trouble, financially,” said Geisman. “I don’t think people are looking at the long-term impact. If they had shut down, it would’ve cost the country more money had it shut down.”

The House of Representatives and the Senate are expected to pass a final budget bill by the middle of next week.


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