BOSTON (CBS) – An MBTA bus driver was set free on $1,000 bail Friday, charged with dealing drugs on the job.

Police arrested 46-year-old Cynthia King of Brockton Thursday afternoon. Officers say they searched her and found an “undisclosed amount” of money and cocaine.

She’s charged with possession with intent to distribute.

Prosecutors say they were led to King following a tip that she was selling crack cocaine on her route.

She was arraigned Friday afternoon in South Boston District Court and ordered to undergo random drug testing and to stay away from the MBTA.

King is due back in court May 31.

Comments (7)
  1. ckmom says:

    at least she didnt have a cell phone on her.

  2. orlando g says:

    pratik ghose

  3. DStein says:

    It’s not her fault, she was set-up by the police. Besides, apparently the MBTA wasn’t paying her enough so she had to sell drugs on the side to make ends meet. I expect Deval Patrick will intervene and get her a raise and her case thrown out of court.

  4. marco says:

    put her in jail…

  5. Cynic says:

    What about all the people that had thier heads cracked open and in some cases DIED so that she COULD drive the bus……. IDIOT !

  6. Nobby says:

    Eric Holder would not prosecute this lady. It is her “right ” to do this because of her minority status.

  7. cjygudwin says:

    Thank the MBTA union for keeping her on the road despite previous problems that would have gotten her fired at any private company. There is nationwide anger at public employee unions because tax payers are tired of this garbage. Privatize everything that can be privatized. End union involvement in public elections. Cut all salary and benefits which exceed the average of what is available in the private sector given each employees credentials. Tired of watching my local taxes wasted by criminals.

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