BOSTON (CBS) – When the Patriots play out in California, Quarterback Tom Brady will probably be able to put up the entire team at his new house.

An Aerial View Of Tom Brady’s New Mansion

Brady and his wife Giselle Bundchen’s have a 22-thousand square foot home under construction in Brentwood, with a price tag of $20 million. The land alone is worth more $11 million.

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Neighbors in the area include the former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Heidi Klum.

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  1. CEO says:

    I heard Eagan & Braude bad mouthing Tom on WTKK a few days ago about this house. Apprently they”re jealous. I don’t remember those two hypocrites complaining about Al Gore buying a multi-million dollar California mansion that was anything but “green”.

  2. Jay says:

    Seriously, how long would it take to walk from one side of the house to the other?

  3. len says:

    Tom Brady is a great quarterback, but I am surprised he would be building such a large house. He never really struck me as the materialistic type. I get that he and Giselle aren’t going to live in a 2,000 sq ft house, but this is a little much. I think you get to a point of so big, that it feels more like a hotel than a home. Just my opinion.

  4. Denise says:

    Seriously – who needs such a place? Maybe they’re going to start their own TV show Tom & Gizelle plus the whole Patriots Football team! or His Hers and Their families…. But I suppose when you have that much money – you need to spend it someplace… Just think if a couple dozen celebrities and/or athletes got together and used/donated their $$ how many problems could be solved in the US! But they seem to worry more about the 3rd world countries… go figure!

  5. Jay says:

    I’m not gonna get on them for not donating more money. For all we know, they already make significant contributions to society.

  6. audrey says:

    It’s their money, I say good luck and enjoy it, you only live once!

  7. Boston Dave says:

    When did everyone in America turn Amish? The US is the “poster child” for excess, extravagence, pursuit of wealth and fame. So, here are two people who HAVE that — and are doing what every single American (admit it or not) would love to do: build their dream house. If it’s not your cup of tea, here’s the good news: you will never be invited over.

  8. matt says:

    remember when he retires what is going to happen. and serioussly how much room do they need. they might not even touch some of the rooms that could be in there not to mention tom brady is here in new england all of football season. Does his little boy need a house that he could get lost in.

  9. Ebvette says:

    His life, his money, his dream, leave him alone. Why not, go for all the gold you can get. Good luck Mr and Mrs Brady.

  10. Forgettboutit says:

    his hair led him to money and houses . deal . but.. it is much

  11. skibumm says:

    Hmmm. Isn’t Giselle a spokesperson for the World Heritage Foundation and if the quote in the 5/18/11 Boston Globe is correct and I paraphrase, “Everyday I think of how to conserve water, every drop is important” —WHAAAT? Do you see the size of the pool at this Brentwood monstrosity!!??!!??!!

  12. Duane says:

    I cant Believe they build a house like that.It shows people these Football players are makeing WAY to much money,And poor people are laying for it.I would never pay to see a game.Not after looking at that house.They make millions for jobs that should pay under 50,000 a yr.

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