BOSTON (CBS) – Controversial radio show host Jay Severin was fired Wednesday.

Severin’s termination came the week after WTKK suspended him over comments he made on the air.

WBZ-TV Political Analyst Jon Keller weighs in on talk show hosts crossing the line

The owner of WTKK issued a statement saying, “our company has always encouraged a free and open dialogue on a variety of issues and topics, and we will continue to be guided by that principle.”

He goes on to say, “it had become clear at several points in the past two years that JAY was either unwilling or unable to maintain our standards on the air. It’s for that reason we have made the decision to end our relationship.”

Severin had been with WTKK for almost 11 years.

Comments (20)
  1. bobby d says:

    Its about “TIME”!

  2. Bosfob says:

    Its about time Jay’s blatent and obnoxious sexism had consequences. It’s very old school especially for a guy who on the air.

  3. merrimack says:

    I work during Jay’s show and miss it most days. However, I will miss him. He was a different voice on the radio, smart and witty. I hope he finds a new place to work soon.

  4. FireGuyFrank says:

    If the ratings were there, he would have been tolerated.

  5. Stephen Stein says:

    One hour of Michael Savage is more offensive than Severin’s entire career, yet there’s no danger of Savage losing his radio slot. Severin’s on-air obnoxiousness is a feature, not a bug. The reason he was canned? His $1M/year salary was good for 16th in the ratings – not the performance WTTK wanted, so they would take any excuse to get out from under the contract’s last 2 years.

  6. sam says:

    to bad i will miss him. it seems as if wtkk is going more left these days. i liked it when they had some dems and some reps. now we will get only one side.

  7. Larry Vanaria says:

    Who’s kidding who? It all comes down to money. Jay’s ratings have slipped and he commands a hefty salary. Add those two things together and its bye bye Jay. If Jays’ was number “one” in the ratings, you wouldn’t hear a peep. WTKK was looking for a reason to let him go. WTKK wants everyone to think they’re taking the high road, but they’re full of bull! IT”S ALL ABOUT MONEY! Jay will end up somewhere else, and soon. He’s too good a talent. Greater Media isn’t so great!

  8. KathyD says:

    I bet Jay was one of the biggest critics of Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky because of the boss/intern relationship. But that sold ads back then too. I just hope his employers let him go without Severince.

  9. Jefferson44 says:

    Dear KathyD,
    Apparently you never listened to Jays’ show, because if you did, you would know that he never criticized Bill Clinton for having sex. He criticized Bill Clinton for lying to Congress about it.

    1. KathyD says:

      Jefferson: I tried to listen to Jay’s show but couldn’t get beyond his overall snarky and condescending attitude. So, I stand corrected on his take of the Clinton affair but that’s all I’ll concede.

  10. Jefferson44 says:

    No problem Kathy, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Have a good day.

  11. CEO says:

    While I liked Jay’s analysis of current events and insight into things political, he somehow couldn’t stop himself from saying some very inappropriate things. I would often cringe when he’d cross the line. That said, this decision was really about money, ratings and slipping advertiser support, plain and simple.

  12. agingcynic says:

    So Jim Braude and Margery Eagan get to spout progressive talking points (and sometimes barefaced lies) on the air, while tossing softball questions (underhand) to the Governor but Severin is too much for these defenders of “civil discourse”? (You know, like Ed Schultz and Lawrence O’Donnell?) I’m reminded of the courtroom story about the lawyer who told the witness, “we know what you are, now we’re just haggling over the price”. We now know what they are at WTKK. Watch your back, Michael……

  13. Bern says:

    I will never listen to WTKK again, sorry Jim & Margery. WTKK, you messed up again!! Jay, where are you?!?!?

  14. 12 year Marine says:

    I have nothing against Bauer but I will never go out of my way to listen to him the way I did for Jay. I would regularly need to ignore the more rediculous comments of Jay’s but it was worth the wait to listen and think about his social and political observations backed up by reasoned examples. I now have no reason to listen to WTKK.

  15. Beth says:

    I am very disappointed . I loved Jay. He was the smartest , most articulate talk show host and I have no reason at all to listen to WTKK . I have switched to WRKO or NPR. I will wait and hope he gets a new show soon.

  16. Anne Dillon says:

    I miss Jay Severiin. He is very smart, very conscientious, and very entertaining talk show host. What a loss for WTKK listeners. I try to enjoy Michael Smirkonish, who is very nice, but not as exciting. I find my self flipping to other stations, which I never did with Jay. I also enjoy Howie Carr. Try to get Jay back before one of your competition hires him. Some of his comment s may have been strong, but that’s what made the show so good. Sorry you missed the boat.

  17. davidsequoia says:

    David S radio now is dominated by jewish talk show hosts [ mel robbins, michael smirkonowitz, jim brawdy, michelle mchfee-canned,john and jeff show, Jay was refreshing and talented always gave every caller a fair chance to make their point also jay seemed like a happy person while making his point, while these others sound angry, miserable and vengeful.

  18. SANDY MAYNARD says:

    Sandy 65 yrs old in Rhode Island Are you people at TKK nuts Jay encouraged thinking outside of the political box. Very fair to guests and call -ins but certainly took no prisoners and made no apologies for it. refreshing, intelligent, and one of the most politically astute talk show hosts on TV or radio. You guys missed the boat completely on this one. Others on shows entertaining but I don’t learn much. Just the same old way of looking at issues. I don’t put on TKK too often now its boring w/o Jay. Looking forward to finding Jay on another station where he will be appreciated .

  19. Howie says:

    Follow the money.
    But for Jay and Michael, TKK is NPR
    Jay was the anchor, and now TKK is just drifting with all the other stations…no stand out personality. As y good and talented as Michael is he’s not a political heavy weight and does not generate “thinking” as did Jay.
    You’ve lost loyal listeners TKK.. RKO looks better and better.

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