BOSTON (CBS) – A common type of baby crib has now been banned for sale by the federal government.

After more than 30 infants and toddlers have died over the last decade, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has banned the sale of drop-side cribs, those popular baby cribs that have drop down sides. The drop sides make it easier to get babies in and out of the cribs but they also can trap young children, especially when the cribs have broken pieces or missing hardware. The CPSC has recalled more than 9-million drop-side cribs since 2007. Rachel Weintraub, director of product safety at the Consumer Federation of America, says parents should be very careful if they’re still using a drop-side crib.

Inez Tennebaum, chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, says places that take care of infants and toddlers should begin to get rid of drop sides they may be using.

Along with banning drop sides, Weintraub says new regulations also provide for improved testing standards of new cribs.

If you are the owner of a drop-side crib, and no longer need it, it’s advised to dispose of it, and make sure you don’t pass the potential hazard on to someone else.


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