HAMPTON, N.H. (CBS) — A state representative from Seabrook, N.H. has been arrested on charges he was driving on a suspended driver’s license.

Gary Wheaton, 50, is also charged with speeding.

Police say Wheaton was driving on Route 1 North in Hampton Tuesday morning just before 9 a.m. when he was pulled over for speeding. The dispatcher told the officer the owner of the vehicle’s license was suspended.

Although police say Wheaton did not have a license or other ID on him he did say he owned the vehicle. The officer placed Wheaton under arrest.

On the way to the police department Wheaton told police he is a state representative and on his way to the statehouse.

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  1. emom says:

    A suspended drivers license, really , and how long ago did this happen, and for what. WHY,,,,,,,why was there no license, Should we have a cori now on politicians before we vote on them… this is so wrong in so many ways.,

    1. Jacklynn Weeks says:

      He was arrested for a DUI in Londonderry, NH in September of 2010. http://www.londonderrynh.net/?p=27236
      Scroll down aways and you’ll find his arrest.

  2. taxedout says:

    Sure he wasn’t from Mass???? Another Fine example of one of the people who make the laws!!!

  3. Lori says:

    ENOM, Carefull what you wish for. We already have to do CORI checks on just about everyone for just about everything. Next thing you know we will have some kind of registry for just about everyone for just about everything. When is too much TOO much? (ENOM, fyi, most times I agree with you)

  4. emom says:

    Lori , I do understand what you are saying, But with the growing need to protect our children and now ourselves, We seem to be asking when DO things get checked. There has to be a need for some checks, you go to a job they do some checks on you , if you volenteer at places you get checked, If you have nothing to fear or hide its no big deal, I know there are folks out there that did some stupid things in their past and wish it gone, and if someone knew about it they would not be hired, or allowed to do much. Its a slippery slope. But at what cost do we not protect ourselves or our children. Its just spinning our of control people do not take responsibility for their own actions and know full well its wrong. This guy KNEW he was breaking the law, is this someone we want to respresnt the folks of that state, what message is he sending to others, Next we will allow a president that dealt drugs or commit fraud to run our country. JUST SAYING, EMOM

  5. jzsmith1965 says:

    to emom we already had a president who committed fraud his name was george bush II the only man who lost ran to oil companies into bankrupcy in taxes not once but 2 times

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