Jose Canseco called into Toucher & Rich to talk about what really happened with his brother and a boxing match that never was. Canseco said that his brother was always the one who was suppose to be fighting and that Damon Feldman wanted Ozzie to fight as Jose. Toucher & Rich then got Damon Feldman on the phone so the two could talk it out. Feldman stuck to his original story that Jose was suppose to fight and he took money in advance. Toucher & Rich try to get to the bottom of what really went on. Take a listen as they battle it out on the air. YOU WILL RESPECT ME!

Comments (7)
  1. Tim says:

    This was great radio!

    1. Mike Gammell says:

      Totally agree. You will respect me!

  2. Jay says:

    While you guys were trying to get in contact with him I texted in that I guaranteed that he would hang up on you because thats what he always does. Man that is great radio

  3. Maximum Capacity says:

    I was backstage with Ozzie all night. I have the truth. Let me know if you are interested.

  4. Medusa says:

    Hey Guys,

    Regardless of who is lying maybe people would be less frustrated if you could at least keep the story straight. You are confusing things with the phrase “knew all along”. Jose agreed with your phrasing it that way to mean Damon knew IN ADVANCE that Ozzie would be showing up, but technically going by the detailed explanation he had already given he was not saying that Ozzie was the one scheduled to fight ALL ALONG as in from the time this fight was first contracted. Stop mixing it up. I’m not an interviewer but I could figure out the explanation, true or not. JOSE was contracted to fight and agreed to do it himself. JOSE accepted the down payment. The fight was promoted as being with JOSE. JOSE claims he called Damon just a few days before the fight and stated that he could not make it but offered OZZIE as an option, which Feldman had the choice to agree to or not. OZZIE showed up to fulfill the agreement. They tried to introduce him as JOSE. Either he refused to fight based on that alone, or because they had not yet paid the remaining balance, or both! Nothing in that explanation says they promoted the fight “all along” knowing Jose was never going to be involved.

    As for the return of the $5000, I don’t know what the contract stated but presumably he would owe something if he didn’t show up. But in that case maybe the promoter should have owed a refund to whoever wanted to return their ticket if they weren’t going to get to see the Canseco fight (I’m sure they cover their butts by stating their may be changes to the cards). However, in this case there is a claim of a verbal agreement that Ozzie would fill in and be paid the remainder- it would then be up to Ozzie and Jose as to whether any of the initial $5000 should change hands amongst themselves. What if Jose had offered some other friend as a substitute?

    Something is fishy but you have to take into account, as much as twins may sometimes pull this stunt (usually as kids), do you think someone who has met somebody quite a few times wouldn’t worry that the person may refer to something they’ve discussed or somewhere they’ve been together and that the twin would get busted that way? Not to mention the tattoos and the fact that this is a public event where plenty of other people might recognize the switch. This and again the fact Ozzie did not fight certainly seem to support Jose’s story. Maybe Ozzie should have come out and announced himself! That would have been great and then there wouldn’t be this whole argument.

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